In a time where branded cannabis retailers should be an exciting thing, there are too many of them. The concept of a cannabis retail brand was once awe-inspiring. You wanted to go in and look around. This was something you’d never seen before. As more retailers came along, it continued to feel new until it wasn’t. Meanwhile, new retail stores continue to pop up. Now that the novelty has worn off, cannabis retail has become a competitive landscape. 

In a saturated market like cannabis retail, how does one differentiate themselves? Branding and outstanding customer experience. The two come hand in hand. It’s hard to maintain loyalty when there are what feels like dozens of people coming for your customers. Here’s a piece of advice: The branding draws the customers in, the customer experience keeps them coming back. 

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Canna Cabana

Canna Cabana was originally a one-off smoke shop in Calgary under a different name in 2009. They wanted to create a place for cannabis lovers to gather, chat and share. More than ten years later, they’ve been able to take those ideals nationally. They believed cannabis users deserved better than dark alleys and dingy basements, and for that we thank them. 

You can sign up for their membership online or shop in-store if you live in Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, or Alberta. No matter where you are in the country, you get the same discount.

Spirit Leaf

Spirit Leaf wants its customers to enjoy life and be happy. To accomplish this, they design their stores around the idea of modern, legitimacy, reputability, and professionalism. They want you to be confident that you’re making the right choices. In-store they’ve designed a modern retail experience, while their website is a hub for education content, product information, events, news, and more. 

Spirit Leaf has locations in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario. Spirit Leaf’s true goal is to be a trusted and knowledgeable source for recreational cannabis.

Dutch Love

Dutch Love may not have started on the right foot. After their 2020 rebrand and name change, things have fallen into place for them. Even before the name change, BC-based Dutch Love’s goal was to promote and grow cannabis culture. The team behind Dutch Love previously came from hospitality. They ran public houses, barbershops, and cocktail clubs. They understand customer experience and unique cultures. 

Dutch Love has stores in Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. They also have the Breakfast Club. A digital hub for cannabis content, education, and news. Their ultimate goal is to make the cannabis buying experience a compassionate, disarming, human one. Don’t you forget about Dutch Love. Don’t, don’t, don’t you. 


Choom was started by a gang of friends whose story together dates back to the late ’70s. Their story starts on a little Hawaiian island and an even smaller van. Decades later, the Choom gang is still together and still seeking adventure, sparking ideas, and cultivating good times. 

Choom Plus, their online membership portal offers educational, engaging content. They’ve also got a great collection of playlists. Choom Plus members get exclusive sales as well. Choom branded stores can be found in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.


One Plant

Initially from the states, the name says it all. There is only One Plant. And I’m not talking about cucumbers. One Plant’s approach to cannabis in Ontario is described as the ultimate no-nonsense cannabis customer experience. Their mission is to accomplish this with outstanding service, vast product selection and competitive pricing. 

One Plant is working on making itself one of Canada’s one-stop shops for cannabis. Their membership program also entitles you to a discount at any location in Ontario. 

One Plant

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Josh Socket

Josh Socket

In 2017, Josh had a Bachelor’s from Ryerson and was interning in a museum. When Cannabis was legalized, he immediately saw a new path for himself in canna-marketing. He’s budtended, worked on the medical side, now you can catch him writing for ADCANN and grnhouse agency.