Cannabis marketing agencies comprise a team. Shared efforts. Each team member brings a unique skillset and background. As much as a marketing campaign is a sum of its parts, some of those sums might not have happened at all without the right people. 


Cannabis Marketers need to understand retail, CPG, agriculture, processes and all the necessary laws that apply. They also need to know how to correctly communicate compliantly with their target audience. Marketing in cannabis is not always a straight shot. Rifle and shotgun targeting in cannabis marketing is more like firing some crazy gun out of a video game. It requires skill, practice, and some serious research. The good ones know how to get their mark. 

Here are the finalists for Agency Marketer of the Year

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Anita Glibota

Anita Glibota is the Founder and CEO of Weed Said consulting inc and writer of That’s What Weed Said. She’s been an active part of the cannabis industry in Canada since 2018. After suffering a brain injury, her relationship with cannabis changes. She also became very interested in how her brain had changed post-injury. Her story is one woman’s journey of injury and cannabis. 

Since 2018, Anita has worked with brands as a cannabis marketer. Her specialty is extending sales, marketing and operations for cannabis brands of all kinds. 

Katie Pringle

Katie Pringle is the co-founder of Marigold Marketing and PR. Co-founding Marigold in 2016, she came from a lifestyle and entertainment background. At one time she handled the social media strategy for all of Corus Entertainment’s television business and then she went on to become the Marketing Manager for Food Banks Canada. You can’t tell me that’s not cool.

Katie’s specialties include but are not limited to business development, sales, and integrated marketing strategy. Aside from Katie’s work with Marigold, she’s also a co-founder of Canndora, a networking platform for Women in cannabis. Very cool!

Adam Fierman

Based in Amsterdam, Adam Fierman is the Global Creative Director for Zerotrillion. Zerotrillion’s two offices are Amsterdam and Toronto. Adam founded Zerotrillion for the Cannabis industry. He’d just spent ten years selling frozen pizzas. Which is a related category if you think about it and Adam wanted a change. 

This Trailblazer saw legalization as an opportunity to be a steward of the cannabis industry. Acknowledging that the first movers were going to be setting some standards of cannabis perception, he was cautious. Needless to say, we all know the Zerotrillion project Flowr’s excellent branding. 

Alycia Walker

Alicia Walker’s the Marketing Manager for Detonate and the One-2-One brand. Before working for Detonate, she spent three years with Muskoka Grown as their Marketing and PR manager. Needless to say, she knows cannabis communications. Detonate and One-2-One offer print design and experiential marketing for the cannabis industry. 

After her work with Muskoka Grown, you may recognize Alycia’s sets for Pax, Truss, Redecan, Terrascend and other cannabis retailers, LPs, and brands.

Christina Michael

Christina Michael is the CEO of The Entourage Collective. Just to be clear, the CEO stands for Collective Embodiment Officer. Christina’s first project in cannabis was a CBD brand in 2016. Since she’s gone on to develop brands, take part in cannabis advocacy and join the BC Craft-farmers co-op

Christina’s work with retailers, farm-gate, brands, CPG and more is well worth the nomination. As the founder of Cannabis for harm reduction, her overall work paints the picture of a person who loves the plant and people who enjoy it themselves. Either as a consumer or as someone making a career for themselves in the cannabis industry.

Guillermo Bravo

An evangelist is a preacher. A person who seeks to convert others to their cause. Often through public speaking. The term evangelist is often used in religious conversations, but not exclusively. Guillermo Bravo’s title at MediaJel is Chief Evangelist. His goal is to convert you to Mediajel, a marketing and advertising agency in California that specializes in marketing software and campaigns for cannabis brands and retailers. 

Guillermo brings decades of agency and start-up experience to the cannabis industry. He specializes in building brands, driving sales, publishing, and brand safety. MediaJel works with retailers in the cannabis digital marketing and tech space.

Olivia Mannix

Olivia Mannix may be the person on this list doing the most. There are 7 active things on her LinkedIn that she’s either the CEO of, a founder of, or a contributing writer for. She owns Cannabrand, a psychedelics brand, a women’s psychedelics health brand, a third psychedelics brand in the biotech space. She’s also a contributing writer for Rolling Stone. Does she sleep? Are there secretly two of her? It’s impressive. 

As the CEO of Denver-based Cannabrand, she helps US cannabis companies with strategy for national expansion, business operations, and communications strategy.

Ricardo Baca

Ricardo Baca is the founder and CEO of Grasslands, a journalism-focused agency in Colorado. Ricardo was The Denver Post’s first Marijuana Editor. That must be a very paper-intensive roll. In all seriousness, Grasslands was founded in 2016 and provides PR, thought leadership, content marketing and social media services. 

His first writing role in cannabis was in 2013 when he founded The Cannabist. Ricardo has been involved in cannabis for a relatively long time now. He was even ADCANN’s 2019 Marketer of the year, as voted by you!

Valda Coryat

Valda Coryat is the Chief Marketing Officer for Trulieve. Before she was CMO for Trulieve, she worked for Heineken and Colgate-Palmolive. Truelieve designs objective-oriented national and local strategies for Cannabis companies. Trulieve is a multi-state operator and works with cannabis companies in legal states across the US. 

Valda and Trulieve have helped brands such as The Cultivar Collection, Muse, Sweet Talk and Momenta. 

Katie Burrell

Katie Burell is Co-Founder, VP and COO of Pufcreativ in Philadelphia. Katie is a video editor, graphic designer, strategist and general person who’s doing a lot of interesting things. She’s also an LGBTQ+ activist. Cool right? Pufcreativ provides digital marketing and advertising services for cannabis companies of all kinds. 

Katie’s not the first Pufcreativ creative to be recognized by the ADCANN community. As partners in The Last Prisoner Project and The Cannabis impact fund, Katie and the rest of PufCreativ are hard to ignore.

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Josh Socket

Josh Socket

In 2017, Josh had a Bachelor’s from Ryerson and was interning in a museum. When Cannabis was legalized, he immediately saw a new path for himself in canna-marketing. He’s budtended, worked on the medical side, now you can catch him writing for ADCANN and grnhouse agency.