While Canadian retailers & producers are seeking to grow their brands, they look to the matured American market to see excellence in branding & operations. MSO’s, or Multi-State Operators, have grown outside of where they had their humble beginnings to become a phenomenon across the United States through unique offerings, consistent brand messaging, unique marketing strategies, and of course, top-shelf cannabis.

Let’s go through the best cannabis MSO brand finalists as voted by you, the ADCANN community.

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Gage Cannabis

With their iconic orange branding, Gage has quickly become a household name across both Canada and the United States. Gage is a leading cannabis company in Michigan, boasting three cultivation and processing assets, and 18 provisioning center (dispensary) licenses in their retail portfolio.

Beginning with premium flower utilizing top-shelf genetics, Gage transitions this excellence into their retail experience. Having a firm understanding of cannabis culture, they also work to consistently volunteer across the communities they operate in while boasting their best-in-class Social Equity program.

Gage Social Media Post

Garcia Hand Picked

While Canada struggles with celebrity-tied brands, they are excelling in the U.S Market; Garcias Hand Picked is the poster child for this success. 

The Grateful Dead has long since been a cornerstone in the counterculture, and therefore cannabis culture. To continue this legacy, the family of the late Jerry Garcia has worked tirelessly to create a premium brand that reflects the ideals of Deadheads everywhere. 

Known for their pre-roll packs featuring psychedelic designs with Jerry as a focal point, they offer unique cultivars across legal states while also focusing on remaining a sustainable and eco-friendly brand. Of course, all hand-picked.

Garcia Hand Picked


Arguably the most recognizable brand in the cannabis world, Berner’s Cookies brand has once again earned a spot amongst the ADCANN Awards’ finalists.

Through word of mouth, Cookies has gone from legacy-to-legal while gaining fans from state to state. Known for their unique cultivars & celebrity partnerships such as Gary Payton, London Pound Cake, and Pink Rozay, Cookies has gained international recognition & influence throughout the hip-hop and cannabis community. Their iconic blue bags can be found at their 30+ dispensaries across multiple states and territories, acting as a mark of quality to those who know.

Cookies Social Media Post


GTI Grows, better known as Green Thumb Industries, is a multi-brand CPG company & retailer boasting more than 16 facilities and 66 open retail operations. With a wide range of product brands such as Dogwalkers, Rhythm, Incredibles, and more, they have a product for any consumer across the states they operate within. 

On top of operational excellence, GTI works to propel the industry forward with multiple social equity initiatives such as their Growing for Good program & Cannabis for All initiative. Doing good while selling goods, GTI has earned its spot amongst the top brands.

Green Thumb Industries Logo


With brands and dispensaries across California, Connecticut, and more, Trulieve is making waves in the cannabis community. 

Trulieve offers curated collections of cannabis products through their brands Muse, Cultivar Collection, Sweet Talk, and more – there is a product offering in every category for every consumer. Boasting an eco-friendly operation that seeks to support diversity & inclusion while championing advocacy, Trulieve seeks to create a brand in which all cannabis consumers feel heard and represented.

Trulieve Logo

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