Producers can create an amazing end-product through small-batch growth & craft methodology to build their brand around. Across North America, craft cannabis brands have delighted customers by pairing their luxury products with efficient branding to communicate their commitment to quality.

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Ghost Drops

Ghost Drops is redefining cannabis in Canada. Through exclusive partnerships with award-winning breeders and cultivators, the Ghost Drops model delivers the very best in premium cannabis. Established in the legacy market well before legalization, Ghost Drops built a loyal cult following by setting the standard of cannabis excellence. Now in the legal market, the Ghost Drops business model combines branded cannabis products, collectible trading cards and a Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) platform to deliver one of the most unique plays that the industry has ever seen.

Ghost Drops is the first brand in Canada to popularize “strain sticker” branding for each specific strain. Ghost Drops is credited as one of the most well-recognized and highly-respected cannabis brands across Canada with trailblazing marketing and connoisseur quality products. Ghost Drops industry-first Members Only Mail-order club along with their consistent premium drops has earned them a top spot in this year’s craft brand of the year category.

JR Strain

JR Strain is a premiere craft cannabis brand presented by Dycar Pharmaceuticals and grown in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. JR uses a unique aeroponic growing method that requires the plants’ root systems to hang inside a large tub, with spray nozzles that mist the roots on a schedule, delivering perfectly balanced water at the ideal temperature, PH and nutrient level. JR Strain partnered with agency Sister Merci to deliver a creative campaign about this growing method and how they “stick to their roots”, featuring a playful image of a man in a Ghillie suit that resembles the visible roots of their growing cannabis plants. JR’s bold marketing and commitment to unique craft growing practices has earned them a top spot in this year’s Craft Brand of the Year category.

High Quadz

High Quadz is an award-winning high-quality craft cannabis brand that offers strains such as Galaxy Cake and Incredible Flawless Victory. The brand is based in Vancouver and brings the very best in BC bud to consumers across the country. Expect the highest quality dried flower and pre-rolls with High Quadz. High Quadz understands the importance of connecting with consumers and retail partners digitally and so the brand invests resources into their robust social media and online presence. Their website provides valuable information about High Quadz’ brand and their extensive product line. In addition, the refreshed website also features an interactive store locator that consumers can use to locate HQ products in their local vicinity. The brand’s fast expansion and commitment to premium BC bud has earned them a top 5 spot in this year’s ADCANN Awards.

Partake Cannabis

Partake Cannabis (formerly known as Euphora Cannabinoids) launched into the Canadian cannabis market in 2021. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta – they bring out the best of Canada’s mid-west cultivars. Dropping unique genetics with a pungent punch, they carefully select and cross-breed a variety of strains in real soil, watering and fertilizing based on daily inspections of every plant. At Partake Cannabis, each plant is given an individualized, home-grown kind of care. This care and commitment to quality is present in all of Partake’s branding and marketing.


Bold Growth brings a truly BOLD sensory experience with its premium cannabis. BOLD utilizes craft methodology, to ensure no corners are cut in delivering amazing cuts of quality cannabis cultivars such as Root Beer Float and Death Star. The BOLD portfolio also includes 510 vape cartridges and concentrates. Two examples of Bold’s trend-setting and best-selling products include a 99% THCA Diamond Dust product and a flavourful Blue Mlk 510 vape cartridge. BOLD establishes itself as a standout craft brand, hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Resonating with consumers who appreciate the artistry and quality that define the craft cannabis niche, transparently displaying their facility on their website through engaging videos, they show off the beautiful bud & the work that goes into filling their black bags.



STIIIZY is revolutionizing the cannabis industry by creating a product that offers a discreet experience built for portability and convenience. Founded in 2017, STIIIZY has quickly become one of the most popular cannabis brands in the United States. STIIIZY hails from California but has a variety of distribution, cultivation, manufacturing, and retail spaces across the states. With a vision that seeks “to bring cannabis culture to the world” by offering a large variety of products that span from advanced vaping technology to artisanal cannabis products, they are inclusive to all types of smokers and pride themselves in catering to every type of community member. With the whole range of products including their batteries, pods, flower, extracts, and edibles. Which is how its earned its spot as one of North America’s top legal Craft Cannabis Brand in 2023.

Gentlemen Smugglers

Gentlemen Smugglers has roots that tie deep within American history, legacy, honor, and an epic journey of redemption is what inspired this brand to come together.  Offering premium, locally-sourced Massachusetts flower on a rotating select strain basis allows for craft lovers to get a different but consistently good high, every time. Gentlemen Smugglers brand has partnered with the restorative justice nonprofit Last Prisoner Project (LPP) on a number of campaigns to raise awareness and change the stigma of possessing marijuana in the states. Working on achieving more than one kind of revolution, they offer flower bags, single pre-rolls, mini pre-roll tins, and vape cartridges.


Jeeter is the flagship brand of DreamFields, a company operating out of California. Hailing themselves as the #1 pre-roll brand in the world, they collaborated with Dwayne Wade in 2021 to promote Fruit Punch, Mojito, and Game Over, their most popular Jeeters. Jeeter is a modern take on the classic dutchie, with a twist that we all know and love. If you like pre-rolls, infused or not, and cartridges, then this brands flavorful packaging will catch your eye, having created waves with branding the idea of “Jeeter” Dreamfields is utilizing its premium indoor grown flower to leverage its position as a finalist in this years top Craft Cannabis brand.

710 Labs

710 Labs is a unique cannabis brand that specializes in concentrates. Utilizing fresh-frozen whole-plant cannabis, ice water, and mesh filter, they create solventless hash with a truly old-world method of resin separation. This butane, ethane, and any other solvent-less means is by far healthier and more clean then what you would typically see. Offering products like; waterhash, rosin sap, persy sauce, THC sauce, badder, sugar, and decarboxylated full spectrum (RSO) extract. They are trailblazing the concentrate game with dedication to the craft, which has earned them a spot as one of the top 5 finalists in this year’s Craft brand of the year category. 710’s content is light-hearted yet extremely informative and aimed at educating top-level concentrate connoisseurs.

The finalists have fought long and hard to make it here. Make sure to have your voice heard and vote for your favourite Craft Brand of the Year.

Gentleman Quinns Blunt Co.

Gentlemen Quinns is a Colorado-based cannabis pre-roll company known for creating “boutique smoking experiences” with hand-rolled premium joints. The brand is known for their two product types – “Mini Quinns” and “High Class Big Ass Blunts’. GQ is an independent company founded in 2015 with deep roots in the Colorado cannabis community. GQ has collaborated with a number of high profile brands in the cannabis industry.

The finalists have fought long and hard to make it here. Make sure to have your voice heard and vote for your favourite Craft Brand of the Year.

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