High Quadz, an award-winning craft cannabis brand from British Columbia, has expanded into Ontario. High Quadz’ Galaxy Cake 7g flower SKU is now orderable on the Ontario Cannabis Store’s Wholesale portal for provincially-licensed retailers. Fresh off a prestigious 2023 ARCannabis Cup win, High Quadz is shaking the Canadian cannabis industry up with curated, craft-quality flower products offered at fair price points.

BC Grown Microcultivated Cannabis

When consumers purchase cannabis flower in the legal Canadian recreational market, they are typically taking a gamble. A lot of trust is put into the brand’s story and the people selling it. That’s why High Quadz’ sole mission is to seek the very best cannabis in the country (“Quadz”) and offer it to their consumers. The brand understands that connoisseurs’ standards are high – and they strive to meet those standards in every action they take.

High Quadz is a premium-sourced cannabis brand with deep roots in Canada’s former legacy market. The name “High Quadz” comes from the company’s procurement team and their tried-and-tested four-point grading system used to identify the most high-quality craft flower. Using this system, the brand identifies unique micro batches grown at a small scale that go beyond a Quadruple rating (AAAA) – making it a “High Quad”. This commitment to quality and craftsmanship has earned the brand a loyal following.

With their premium product line consisting of sought-after strains including Sin Mints, Platinum Cherry, Galaxy Cake, Flawless Victory, Vanilla Iced, Velvet Glove and Chatter Box, High Quadz has ensured a laser-focus on providing fresh, premium flower with no compromises. With this consumer-driven mindset, High Quadz has quickly gained recognition for their limited releases, thoughtful premium packaging and small-batch production.

High Quadz products are available at ~175 licensed recreational retail stores across British Columbia, online via the BCCS as well as through Herbal Dispatch for registered medical patients. Soon, High Quadz’ Galaxy Cake will be available on the shelves of private retailers all across Ontario.

High Quadz Strains

High Quadz Galaxy Cake

High Quadz Galaxy Cake 7g flower SKU is now orderable on the Ontario Cannabis Store’s Wholesale portal for provincially-licensed retailers. Small batch grown on Vancouver Island, this heavy-hitting Indica lives up to the name. Caked in trichomes, this cross of Galaxy x Cherry pie has a piney, skunky aroma and burns with a consistently clean white ash. Testing at over 29% THC and over 2% terpenes, this cultivar is extremely potent and high quality.

High Quadz Galaxy Cake

AR Cannabis Cup 2023 Champions

High Quadz took home the number one spot at the 2023 ARCannabis Cup. The victory marks a significant achievement for the brand, which has only been in the market for less than a year. HQ has managed to solidify its position in the marketplace by surpassing some of the biggest names in the industry to win this highly-coveted competition.

The ARCannabis Cup is an annual tournament hosted by ARCannabis, a Vancouver-based, multi-location cannabis retail chain. This year’s competition featured 128 licensed flower producers and brands competing head-to-head in a 65-day elimination-style series. The ARCannabis Cup is widely regarded as Canada’s premier consumer choice awards focused on craft cannabis products. The winners are chosen through an online bracket system and are awarded at the BC Cannabis Summit in Kelowna. The annual event consistently generates thousands of votes and hundreds of thousands of impressions across social media. This year, High Quadz rallied support from its loyal retail partners and customers to win the top spot.

This win is a testament to our commitment to quality and to the strength of our community. As a fairly new brand, it’s an honour to beat out some of the top competitors in the industry and bring home the gold. We owe all the thanks to our valued retail partners and all the High Quadz smokers across the country.

Mark May, co-founder of HighMark Brands, the parent company of High Quadz
High Quadz AR Cannabis Cup

High Quadz Digital Marketing

High Quadz understands the importance of connecting with consumers and retail partners online and so the brand rightfully invests in their robust social media and digital presence. The new highquadz.com launched this summer provides valuable information about High Quadz’ brand and their extensive product line. In addition, the refreshed website also features an interactive store locator that consumers can use to locate HQ products in their local vicinity.

About Highmark Brands and High Quadz

Highmark Brands is a full-service cannabis brand development, sales and marketing agency with over 20 years of combined sales and marketing experience in the Canadian medical and recreational cannabis markets. The agency prominently represents brands including High Quadz and Phant.

Website: https://www.highmarkbrands.com/

SOURCE Highmark Brands

For further information: Mark May, President/CEO, mmay@highmarkbrands.com



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