When it comes to retailers, Canadians are spoiled with choices (minus Quebec, sorry)! Communities have opened themselves up to the cannabis community in the name of safe access and harm reduction, on top of the benefits for the local economies. Retailers have had to not only build a brand that resonates with the communities they operate in but compete with other retailers, both legacy and legal.

In a saturated market like cannabis retail, how does one differentiate themselves? Branding and outstanding customer experience. The two go hand in hand like waking and baking.

With that, here are your National Cannabis Retail Brand finalists for the 2022 ADCANN awards.

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Canna Cabana

Canna Cabana  had humble beginnings. Originally the now masive chain was a one-off smoke shop in Calgary under a different name. The founders wanted to create a place for cannabis lovers to gather, chat and share. More than ten years later, they’ve been able to take those ideals nationally. They believed cannabis users deserved better than dark alleys and dingy basements, and for that we thank them. 

Recently, they have made waves for their paid membership program, turning them into the defacto Cosco of Cannabis. You can sign up for their membership online or shop in-store if you live in Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, or Alberta. No matter where you are in the country, you get the same discount.

Inspired Cannabis

Inspired Cannabis is aiming to set the standard of Canadian cannabis retail. Each shop features warm lighting, cozy wood panneling, and a certified cannabis sommelier ready to serve each client like the store was empty. With their newly launched Bud Club paired with their free delivery, it is obvious why Inspired is making it’s mark on the cannabis space.

Despite having stores across British Columbia, Saskatchewan, & Ontario, Inspired Cannabis is still a family run business with the goal of enriching the communities they join and destigmatizing cannabis.

Spirit Leaf

Spirit Leaf has a simple goal: enable their customers to enjoy life and be happy. To accomplish this, they design their stores around the idea of modernity, legitimacy, reputability, and professionalism. Spirit Leaf wants you to be confident that you’re making the right choices. In-store they’ve designed a modern retail experience, while their website is a hub for education content, product information, events, news, and more. 

Spirit Leaf has locations in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario. Spirit Leaf’s true goal is to be a trusted and knowledgeable source for recreational cannabis.

One Plant

The Canadian cannabis landscape has drawn in internation interest, bringing bright, stoney minds up North while the United States sorts out it’s national cannabis policy. Some such minds are the ones behind One Plant. One Plant’s approach to cannabis in Ontario is described as the ultimate no-nonsense cannabis customer experience. Their mission is to accomplish this with outstanding service, vast product selection and competitive pricing. 

One Plant is working on making itself one of Canada’s one-stop shops for cannabis. Their membership program also entitles you to a discount at any location in Ontario. 

Tokyo Smoke

Tokyo Smoke brand began before legalization, to many’s surprise. This father & son business began in 2015 as a lifestyle brand marrying together fine coffees and cannabis. They even had pedal-powered machines strapped to bikes, to pop-up all over Toronto.

Now owned by Canopy Growth, Tokyo Smoke is an elegant cannabis retailer with notable locations across the country & a cleve rway around “indica vs sativa” selling – it’s Intent categories. From stores in giant shopping malls, to their Toronto location featuring artwork by Banksy, Tokyo Smoke has established itself a leader in cannabis retail

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