While the cannabis retail landscape is full of large chains and corporate interest, many independent stores have sprung forth from a place of love for the plant. Independent retailers do not only act as a place for their clients to buy cannabis but act as anchors of their community through advocacy and education. While every independent retailer deserves admiration, many have elevated what it means to sell cannabis and are giving the large chains a run for their money when it comes to market share.

Let’s go through the best independent cannabis retail brand finalists as voted by you, the ADCANN community.

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While many dispensaries and glas stores are designed to try and keep potential clients in-store for as long as possible, CANNABIS XPRESS understands that some customers just want to grab their bud and run. Inspired by the long lines many dispensaries have, CANNABIS XPRESS has created an experience to serve and educate clients efficiently – keeping in mind that the modern cannabis consumer is on-the-go. Serving clients across Ontario, CANNABIS XPRESS has quickly become a staple for many in the communities they serve.

With the short wait times, it’s no surprise that consumers love the experience at CANNABIS XPRESS – it leaves them with more time to enjoy their products.

Caliwood Cannabis

Many canadians remember the brief period where “Cali Exotics” were in high demand, even more than legendary “BC Bud”. Well, you no longer need to “know a guy” or take a trip, because Caliwood Cannabis is bringing the L.A sun & fun to Canada. No cannabis retailer has captured the “Cali” aesthetic as well as Etobicoke’s Caliwood Cannabis; with golden palms on their merchandise and a knowledgable yet laid-back staff that have the attitude that only comes with riding many waves.

Caliwood isn’t just another retailer, rather they aim to become a lifestyle brand with the goal of destigmatizing cannabis whilst helping their loyal clientele.

THC Canada

Vancouver’s THC Canada has reimagined the cannabis customer’s experience; elevating the retail space akin to a high-end designer store, bougee pop-up, or even an Apple store. Located in South Vancouver, THC Canada has a sleek, clean, and stylish – often described as a “futuristic spaceship”. Despite the very modern appearance, THC Canada comes from the legacy market and proudly wears its “OG” status in the industry on its sleeve.

With sensory orbs, screens, and cultivar information across the store, clients can fully engage every sense while selecting from THC’s curated yet encompassing menu.


Buying cannabis should be as comfortable of an experience as sliding on your favourite slippers; which is what Stok’d Cannabis strives for. Across Scarborough &Niagra Falls, Stok’d take the vibes of smoking around a campfire with good friends and transition it into a retail experience. With warm, knowledgeable staff & a curated selection of cannabis products, Stok’d aimed to marry the Canadian cottage country vibe with the “no pressure, sorry about that” mentality that is unique to the North.

With wood accents & unique decor, such as a canoe hanging from the ceiling, across their locations clients can expect a laid-back yet thorough experience from the folks at Stok’d.

Quality Roots – Michigan

With a name like “Quality Roots“, you know you’re only getting Michigan’s finest edibles, concentrates, and flower! With the motto “quality cannabis for quality people” Quality Roots ensures their customers will have the best service possible – not only due to customer service of their associates, but the extensive education their employees have to get through to work! Being sure to stock only the finest, Michiganites can visit them in Battle Creek, Hamtramck, Monroe, and Owosso!

If quality cannabis sold by quality people doesn’t sell you on the Quality Roots experience, maybe their rewards program might! Giving 10% off to new customers, 15% off for those with their medical card, free gift on your birthday, and a free pre-rolled joint for “reefer-ing” a friend or leaving a review! Now that’s QUALITY!

Bud’s Goods & Provisions – Massachusetts

Warm & inviting, it’s no wonder that Massachusett’s Bud’s Goods & Provisions was featured in Hospitality Design-Wellness’ October issue! That’s right, in Worcester, Ablington, and Watertown, Massachusett’s locals can visit their good friend Bud’s for all of their cannabis & cannabis accessories. Their CEO, Alex Mazin, has made it clear that whilst he has to obey regulations, his commitment is to the customer experience, saying:

“I care deeply about the industry and I care about doing it in a manner that is memorable. I’m not trying to listen to lawyers every day. I listen to them compliantly, but I push the envelope. If a customer is supposed to come into a “mantrap vestibule,” I’m going to call it a foyer and make it very experiential while you’re getting your ID checked”

With three stores open in a year, you don’t worry if there isn’t a Bud’s near you; there may be one soon – they’re spreading like weeds! Remember, Bud’s goods is good buds.

Campfire – Massachusetts

While many dispensaries want to invoke a feeling of zen, Campfire Cannabis wants to stoke your inner-adventurer by bringing the great outdoors into their store. Instead of exploring the woods or mountains, you’ll explore their collection of flower, edibles, concentrates, and much more. Going on an adventure alone can be daunting, but they have you covered. Their staff, known as “Camp Rangers”, are trained to not only make sure every customer finds what they need, but feels like the only customer in the store.

Not only will the experience(and products) have you feeling good, but just shopping with them can give the warm & fuzzies, as they are a family owned & operated enterprise with a solid focus on their community.

Botera – Massachusetts

Clean, simple, elevated. Botera is another one of Massachusetts’ finest cannabis retailers, with locations in Brockton, ranklin, and Taunton. Botera boasts high quality cannabis all found within their comfortable, modern, and welcoming store spaces. With sensory jars on display, users can let their nose guide them, or can ask any of Botera’s fine agents for assistance in finding the perfect product.

Breaking past the dead “indica v. sativa” dichotomy, Botera encourages their consumers to shop by specific effect, be it sleep, calm, creative, or energetic. With this method, paired with their amazing menu & customer service, Botera is ready to help you find your new favourite plant.

Captain Jacks – California

While many families from around the world travel to California for Disneyland, there’s a different Captain Jack making waves within the cannabis community. Captain Jacks, often called “San Bernardino’s Mega Marijuana Store,” makes waves not only from its size, but its amazing menu of California’s finest.

Where Captain Jacks really sets itself apart from competitors is its consumption lounge, as it was the first in its area. That’s right, browse their expansive menu, check out, and then sit in their bright & inviting lounge to safely consume your products around other like-minded, stoned friends.

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