The cannabis community has always been rooted in creating positive change; be it Brownie Mary’s sacrifice to help those dying of AIDS in the 70’s or Dana Larson opening non-profit dispensaries in Vancouver. Now that cannabis is legal in Canada and across certain states, it is up to cannabis companies to continue the activism that led to their markets. The following campaigns are just a few of the many social good campaigns that the cannabis community banded together to create.

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True Colours – Reef Organic

Cannabis & Queer history have long since intersected through the Compassion movements of the 90’s, however, when Pride month rolls around plenty of disingenuous campaigns arise to capitalize.

Aiming to make an impact for longer than a month, Reef Organic created their True Colours campaign, in which a portion of sales from each True Colours variety pack were to be donated to 2SLGBTQIA+ organizations around Canada. This campaign extended past pride, going frome June 1st to August 31st of this year.

To affirm their commitment to a culture of inclusivity, Reef has also created and shared resources such as The Power of Inclusive Language Inclusive ID Screening for Cannabis Retail on their website for retailers to utilize.

Food Drive – Farmer Jane Cannabis Co.

Out in the Canadian prairies, retailer Farmer Jane Cannabis Co. set an ambitious goal to aid the communities in which they operate yet again. Each year, Farmer Jane has aided their community with this campaign. With the goal of donating enough food & money to provide 30,000 meals to the Regina Foodbank, Saskatoon Foodbank, and Harvest Manitoba in the month of October, they donated $1 for every purchase of the Farmer Jane 3.5g flower while collecting food across their locations.

Not only did they donate from their own products, but B.C. producer BZAM also contributed $1 from every purchase of their product to help the retailer reach their ambitious goal of providing meals across the prairies. WYLD & Broken Coast also made donations at the start of the campaign to ensure everyone gets a warm meal.

Cannabis Amnesty – Coterie x Superette

With cannabis being federally legal in Canada & nearing federal legalizatio, it has become clearer than ever: no one deserves to be in jail for cannabis. With this in mind, Superette paired up with Coterie in order to raise funds for Cannabis Amnesty.

Coterie is known by the community for its amazing merch, so Superette leveraged their many locations to set up ballot boxes. Customers had the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets, with $1 going to a cause. Now that’s something you can feel good about!

Niagra Canna Cares

“We’re not the vilified drug dealers you’d see in 1990s public service announcements — we are part of the community and we want to support the community” – this quote given by Jacob Bergsma of Garden City Cannabis Co. perfectly encapsulates this campaign. While many retailers fight eachother for mindshare, a group of retailers in Niagra are showing the cannabis community we’re stronger together.

A collection of 7 cannabis retailers across the Niagra region teamed up to raise food for their local food banks & community centres to show the power of good that comes from the cannabis community. Between the 7 store, 12 bins were filled and donated Project Share in Niagara Falls, The Salvation Army in Fort Erie, The Hope Centre in Welland and Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold.

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