October 17, 2022, marks four years of recreational cannabis legalization in Canada. Over those four years, we’ve experienced the rise and fall of a number of brands and companies. The landscape of product offerings in 2022 is much different than the selection available on legalization day in 2018. However, there are a few brands that have remained since day one that continue to delight their customers and grow their consumer base.

In celebration of this special anniversary, we take a look at one of the country’s original craft cannabis brands and how it paved the way for others in the industry. Broken Coast has earned their reputation as one of the most widely recognized craft cultivators in Canada. The brand was essentially the only premium craft brand available on legalization day back in 2018 and continues to remain relevant among Canadian connoisseurs to this day.

Founded in 2013 in British Columbia, Broken Coast is broadly recognized for setting the standard for craft cannabis in Canada. The brand was the 12th Licensed Producer to receive a Health Canada license and proceeded to grow a cult following in the pre-recreational medical market. Broken Coast was acquired by Aphria in 2018, which later merged into Tilray Brands in May of 2021.

Broken Coast Flower

One of the First Premium Cannabis Brands

Since the beginning, Broken Coast has leveraged their proprietary growing techniques and SOPs which are formulated specifically for each cultivar. The brand’s goal is to always deliver the ultimate true expression of each unique genetic. BC specializes in growing small-batch, hand-trimmed, naturally slow-cured buds. 

Not many Canadian cannabis brands in the premium category can say they have stood the test of time. With many new competitors entering the industry on a weekly basis, Broken Coast has continued to improve, innovate and launch new product offerings to continue to stay on top. They recently won a coveted award voted on by budtenders across the country and were one of the top contenders for last year’s ADCANN Awards Craft Cannabis Brand of the Year.

Broken Coast Platinum Garlic

The brand’s latest release, Platinum Garlic (genetic also known as Garlic Platinum or Platinum Garlic OG) is a sweet, savory hybrid with high THC and unique bold aromas of garlic and sweet vanilla. Bred by crossing GMO with Platinum, this strain is a terpene-rich, small-batch, hand-crafted flower. This new cultivar is available in both 3.5g jars and 3 x 0.5g pre-rolled joint packs across Ontario and British Columbia.

Broken Coast Platinum Garlic

Broken Coast Concentrates

To continue pleasing their connoisseur consumers, Broken Coast has recently entered the dabbable concentrate category. Heavy users (those who consume a lot and look for high-quality, potent products) are typically fans of both craft flower and concentrates, since concentrates offer strong effects. Broken Coast has already built their brand and reputation among these connoisseur consumers, so the foray into extracts just makes sense.

Broken Coast launched into the category with their signature strains Muskmelon OG Wax and Stargazer Wax in British Columbia and Ontario. This year, they launched Amnesia Haze live resin budder – a popular, extremely terpy Sativa-dominant dabbable concentrate. Amnesia Haze is also available in a high-quality live resin 510 vape cart. The brand has plans to launch a variety of concentrates, vape cartridges, and derivative products in the coming months.

Broken Coast Concentrates

The Future of Craft Cannabis in Canada

Craft cannabis will continue to evolve and grow in Canada over the coming years. Connoisseurs will proceed to seek out the most exciting, highest-quality products on the market. Established and new brands alike will need to remain dedicated to providing the best cannabis in the country while building brands and reputations to match. 

Broken Coast proves that small-batch, high-quality craft cannabis can be consistently produced by a large publicly traded organization. The brand shows that those who remain dedicated to quality and expert growing techniques will continue to succeed. Broken Coast is one of the best case studies of a successful Canadian cannabis brand that has always targeted the high-end consumer. 

The last four years of legalization have been nothing but non-stop action and the next four years will undoubtedly be incredibly interesting for craft cannabis brands and consumers.

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