To talk about Brand Marketer of the year, let’s start with a question. What is a brand? A past professor, Steven Litt used to exclaim “A brand is a set of expectations!”. He’s right, but that’s an oversimplification. Regardless of industry, category, product, people. A brand has two aspects, the image it cultivates and the perception it garnishes. A brand’s battle zone is every single touchpoint, every interaction it has with its potential audience. Be it through a physical or digital touchpoint. And there can be thousands of touchpoints for a cannabis brand to maintain.

There’s at least 8 P’s in cannabis marketing. Product, Promotion, Price, Place, Processes, Physical evidence, People, and comPliance. In an extremely competitive market, these P’s have to be taken seriously. Compliance and a need to differentiate have forced the creative to get more creative. 

Without further ado, here is the Brand Marketer of the Year award finalists for 2021.

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Drew Campbell

Drew Campbell is the VP of marketing for The Green Organic Dutchman. A leading premium, organic cannabis brand. The Green Organic Dutchman has whole-flower, vapes, oils, and edibles. Specifically, look out for their teas and dissolvable cannabis powders. With Ripple, you can add 10 mg’s of THC (or CBD) to anything. Anything… 

Before Drew led the marketing efforts at TGOD, he spent time with Blackberry, Rogers, Telus, CIBC and Canadian Tire. Needless to say, Drew knows Canadians better than most. Drew joined the cannabis industry in 2018. In his Trailblazer interview, he talks about new daily puzzles he needs to solve to win the day with TGOD.

Brad Canario

Brad Canario is Auxly’s Senior Director of Marketing. You probably recognize Back Forty, Foray, Kolab Project, Robinsons or Dosecann. Auxly’s brand portfolio has been all about diversification. There are clear differences in the brand value proposition for each of these brands. New to cannabis? There’s Foray. Looking for a fun experience? Kolab Project. Canna forward and looking to explore? Back Forty. 

Brad joined the cannabis industry in 2019. Before working in cannabis, he worked for Labatt, Campbell Soup, and The Kraft-Heinz company. Brad was also recognized in 2012’s top 30 under 30 class. 

Bella Mitchell

Bella Mitchell is the Director of Marketing at Cannmart. Cannmart is a sales-only licensed producer in the medical and recreational space. You’ll probably recognize her work from their line of concentrates, Roilty. Roilty is entirely high-end shatters and live resins. Concentrates fit for a queen or king. 

Bella entered the cannabis industry in 2019. Previously, Bella worked in the adult beverage industry. Obviously, she’s been put through her paces in building compelling and compliant brands. Catch Bella’s Trailblazer on carving out brand Identity in a digital landscape. 

Leah Thiel

Leah Thiel is the VP of Marketing at Indiva. Indiva’s portfolio of edible brands includes Saphire, Ruby, Bhang, Wana, and Slow Ride bakery. Take it easy. Another Trailblazer, Leah joined the cannabis industry in 2018. Leah saw the industry at its birth in Canada and saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for herself. 

Before Leah worked in cannabis, she worked in retail marketing for brands such as Holt Renfrew, sears, and Hudson’s Bay. In an industry where we blend CPG, agriculture, retail, technology, and more. It’s great to have passionate people pitching in from a variety of backgrounds. 

Which of these brand marketers are you voting for?

Vote for them in the ADCANN Awards 2021

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Josh Socket

Josh Socket

In 2017, Josh had a Bachelor’s from Ryerson and was interning in a museum. When Cannabis was legalized, he immediately saw a new path for himself in canna-marketing. He’s budtended, worked on the medical side, now you can catch him writing for ADCANN and grnhouse agency.