While the cannabis retail landscape is full of large chains & corporate interest, many independent stores have sprung forth from a place of love for the plant. Independent retailers do not only act as a place for their clients to buy cannabis but act as anchors of their community through advocacy and education. While every independent retailer deserves admiration, many have elevated what it means to sell cannabis and are giving the large chains a run-for-their-money when it comes to market share.

Let’s go through the best independent cannabis retail brand finalists as voted by you, the ADCANN community.

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THC Canada

Vancouver’s THC Canada has reimagined the cannabis customer’s experience; elevating the retail space akin to a high-end designer store or even an Apple store. Nestled in South Vancouver, THC Canada has a sleek, clean, and stylish – often described as a “futuristic spaceship”. Despite the very modern appearance, THC Canada comes from the legacy market and proudly wears its experience on its sleeve.

With sensory orbs, screens, and cultivar information across the store, clients can fully engage every sense while selecting from THC’s curated yet encompassing menu.

THC Canada


While many cannabis stores are designed to try and keep potential clients in-store for as long as possible, CANNABIS XPRESS understands that some people just want to grab their bud and run. Inspired by the long lines many dispensaries have, CANNABIS XPRESS has created an experience to serve and educate clients efficiently – keeping in mind that the modern cannabis consumer is on-the-go. Serving clients across Ontario, CANNABIS XPRESS has quickly become a staple for many in the communities they serve.

With the short wait times, it’s no surprise that consumers love the experience at CANNABIS XPRESS – it leaves them with more time to enjoy their products.

Cannabis Xpress


Buying cannabis should be a comfortable experience, which is what Stok’d Cannabis strives for. Across Scarborough(and soon, Niagra Falls), Stok’d take the vibes of smoking around a campfire with good friends and transition it into a retail experience. With warm, knowledgeable staff & a curated selection of cannabis products, Stok’d aimed to marry the Canadian cottage country vibe with the “no pressure, sorry about that” mentality that is unique to the North.

With wood accents & unique decor, such as a canoe hanging from the ceiling, across their locations clients can expect a laid-back yet thorough experience from the folks at Stok’d.

Stok'd Cannabis

Armstrong Block Cannabis

Cannabis retailers are a reflection of the community they operate within, making Armstrong Block Cannabis as Edmontonian as they come. In downtown Edmonton, Armstrong Block Cannabis is the only independent retail, nestled into a heritage building in the downtown core. Hiring local artists to paint murals, providing space for live performances, and featuring a community flyer board, Armstrong Block Cannabis gives both locals and visitors the true Edmonton experience.

With experienced staff and a comprehensive menu, customers can relax outside on their picnic table or head across the street to enjoy their products in the park.

ABC Storefront

Unplug Cannabis Co.

This Ottawa retailer understands that sometimes, cannabis users just want to unplug from it all. With a focus on incorporating mindfulness and wellness into daily life, the staff at Unplug serves a wide variety of consumers. Winners of the 2021 Budtender’s Choice “Most Committed to Education” award, their experienced staff is ready to guide both new and old consumers into utilizing cannabis as their method to unplug. 

With three locations spread throughout Ottawa, anyone is able to take the time to visit Unplug to find something new or an old favorite on their ever-changing menu.

Unplug Cannabis Co.

Herbology Cannabis Co.

Operating in Michigan, Herbology has a simple goal – to make sure both recreational and medical users have access to the best products possible. This beautiful store features both wood accents and neon signs to create an amazing contemporary space for users to browse products, receive education, and find their next favorite product.

With recognizable names such as Stiizy & Concentrate Kings spread throughout the store, clients can seemingly browse all day, and find a new product each visit.

Herbology Cannabis Co.

House of Dank

Across Michigan, there’s a dank smell brewing. House of Dank serves both medical and recreational users seeking a safe & fun cannabis experience. Glass displays feature their wide menu of products, as the clean and sleek feel of the store could be compared to that of a Gucci store.

Besides focusing on just selling cannabis, House of Dank supports their community by sponsoring artists and hosting events that give back, such as the Shattered Thoughts Winter Clothing Drive.

House of Dank Cannabis Dispensary

Planet 13

Las Vegas – the city that never sleeps; only fitting that their premier dispensary, Planet 13, doesn’t sleep either. This 24/7 location is known internationally as the spot to visit when one is in Vegas, having a plethora of awards under their belt – from Best Overall Dispensary to a Jack Herer Cup. 

Aimed to be a full experience, not only does Planet 13 focus on having the best products possible but builds an atmosphere that makes one wonder if they dosed themselves before wandering in to browse. Next time you’re in Vegas, keep your eyes peeled for the red planet that sits outside, inviting you to have an out-of-this-world experience.

Planet 13 Dispensary


With one of the biggest production facilities in North America, Wonderbrett is sure to always have some of the best cannabis in California. Their bright L.A storefront features light wood accents and a variety of eye-grabbing displays to show off their wide range of products; including their in-house brand of premium genetics.

Wonderbrett instills a sense of wonder in consumers that their friendly staff is more than capable of guiding one through for a wonderful experience.

Wonderbrett Dispensary


San Francisco’s Mr. Sherbinski has earned a name in the cannabis world for creating genetics that is famous across the globe. Nestled in the Sunset District, Sherbinskis has spread out across the United States bringing a fun, modern take on cannabis purchasing with the comfort & familiarity of the legacy markets.

With bright orange branding, Sherbinksis’ store is unmistakable as it features a variety of products and modern art pieces to take one’s attention for hours.

Sherbinksis independent cannabis retail brand

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