In the dynamic landscape of Canada’s legal cannabis industry, the intersection of cannabis and social good has become more important than ever. Cannabis, which has been historically entwined with social justice issues, is undergoing a transformative journey as the market matures. This evolution is marked by a notable shift toward corporate responsibility and community engagement among contemporary cannabis brands. As Canada navigates the complexities of legalization, it is imperative for cannabis brands to not only adhere to regulatory frameworks but also to contribute to the betterment of society actively.

In this exploration of the top 5 social good cannabis marketing campaigns in Canada for 2023, we delve into the initiatives that exemplify a commitment to social responsibility, highlighting the pivotal role modern-day legal cannabis brands play in fostering positive change within their communities. The winners are selected by votes from the ADCANN community – who do you want to see win?

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Roilty – Andrea Flowers Pride Month Campaign

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Roilty Concentrates, operating under the umbrella of Lifeist Wellness Inc., stands out as a leading licensed producer subsidiary brand at the intersection of health tech and cannabis. With a focus on leveraging cutting-edge advancements in science and technology, Roilty Concentrates is not just a cannabis brand; it is a catalyst for transformative breakthroughs in human wellness. Boasting an impressive growth rate of over 30% in Ontario this year alone, Roilty Concentrates has solidified its position as the fifth best-selling concentrate brand in the province.

Beyond its commercial success, Roilty Concentrates takes pride in championing diversity and inclusion within the cannabis industry. In a noteworthy collaboration during Pride Month, the company joined forces with Andrea Flowers and Spiffy, an innovative bud-tender education tool. Together, they unveiled “The Retail Inclusivity Handbook” and “Gender & Sexuality Training” in June. These initiatives go beyond symbolic gestures, providing essential insights into fostering a secure and welcoming retail environment. This commitment aligns seamlessly with Roilty’s dedication to inclusivity, marking them not only as a standout brand in the market but also as a trailblazer in promoting a diverse and welcoming cannabis landscape.

Peace Collective x TeaPot – Stop the Stigma

TeaPot, the inaugural beverage brand crafted by BBCCC Inc., the cannabis arm of Boston Beer, has set out on a mission to seamlessly blend the finest real tea with high-quality cannabis. Their flagship product, the Good Day Iced Tea, introduces a refreshing combination of real lemon black tea infused with Pedro’s Sweet Sativa, utilizing exclusive cultivars and licensed producers to ensure a unique and premium experience.

In a noteworthy collaboration, TeaPot has partnered with Peace Collective to introduce the “Stop the Stigma” clothing capsule collection. This limited-edition line includes co-branded merchandise such as hoodies, t-shirts, and a tote bag, adorned with tags from both TeaPot and Peace Collective. Profits generated from this collaboration will support Pardons Canada, an initiative focused on assisting individuals with cannabis-related convictions in obtaining pardons, record suspensions, U.S. entry waivers, and file destruction(s). Each contribution, equivalent to $1,000 raised, empowers Pardons Canada to expunge a cannabis offense from an individual’s record, emphasizing TeaPot and Peace Collective’s commitment to fostering positive change within the cannabis community.

Peace Collective is a Canadian clothing and lifestyle brand based in Toronto, Ontario. The brand gained recognition for its socially conscious initiatives and distinctive designs that often reflect Canadian identity and culture. Peace Collective is known not only for its apparel but also for its commitment to giving back to the community.

Weed Me – Second Harvest Meals

Establishing its presence in 2018, Weed Me is a Licensed Producer and cannabis brand that has quickly become a standout player in the cannabis industry, distinguishing itself with a diverse genetic library and portfolio of legacy-inspired brands.

This year marked a significant chapter in Weed Me’s journey as it forged a meaningful partnership with Second Harvest, a not-for-profit organization committed to rescuing surplus food and mitigating food waste while simultaneously enhancing communities. Embarking on a compelling social good campaign, Weed Me has gone beyond the realm of cannabis, contributing to a cause that extends to the very heart of societal well-being.

Through this collaborative effort, Weed Me has succeeded in providing over 100,000 meals to Canadians in need, with this commendable number continually on the rise. In seamlessly blending its commitment to quality cannabis with a dedication to social responsibility, Weed Me exemplifies the transformative impact that a conscientious and forward-thinking approach can have on both the cannabis industry and the communities it serves.

High North Laboratories – Four20 Charity Golf Tournament

Emerging from a team deeply rooted in the cannabis industry since the late 90s, High North Laboratories brings forth over two decades of invaluable experience, intimately acquainted with the challenges inherent in crafting exceptional cannabis products. Illustrating their commitment to both quality and community, the company recently hosted its third annual Four20 Charity Cannabis golf tournament this summer, extending invitations to retailers and Licensed Producers. The event served as a platform not only for golf enthusiasts but also as a conduit for raising funds dedicated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

In a remarkable achievement, this year’s tournament garnered over $20,420, with the entirety of these funds earmarked for the noble cause of finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. This impactful initiative aligns with High North Laboratories’ ethos, channeling their wealth of cannabis expertise towards making a tangible difference in the lives of the over six million people globally grappling with this challenging ailment.

Thumbs Up – Team Trees

Thumbs Up is a cannabis brand dedicated to the ethos of uplifting purchases and impactful initiatives. Guided by their “10% FOR GOOD” initiative, Thumbs Up commits to donating 10% of all gross profits to causes that prioritize people and the planet. In a notable collaboration this year, the brand joined forces with Team Trees, embarking on a mission to plant over 2000 trees a month. Raising funds by donating a portion of the proceeds from every two flower bags or four pre-roll tubes which in turn contributes to reforestation projects spanning across Canada. To date, Thumbs Up has played a pivotal role in planting nearly 13,000 trees, showcasing their unwavering commitment to fostering positive environmental change and making a meaningful impact in communities nationwide.

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