The conversation happening right now in dispensaries across North America: “Who grows the best Craft Cannabis”? While many large corporations struggle to make a splash in cannabis, craft growers are continuously capturing the hearts of the discerning smoker. Through small-batch grows & craft methodology, producers are able to create an amazing end-product to build their brand around. Across North America, craft cannabis brands have been able to delight customers by pairing their luxury products with efficient branding to communicate the quality.

Let’s go through the best craft cannabis brand finalists as voted by you, the ADCANN community.

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Hailing from the legacy market, Carmel has brought legacy quailty & passion to the legal market. With famed grower Drew at the helm & providing high-level care to plants bred with rare genetics, Carmel has been able to quickly grow a portfolio of sought-after & instantly recognizable cannabis cultivars such as their Dim Mac, Drew’s Dark Helmet, and Animal Face. For those who’ve smoked themselves silly on Carmel’s staples, they also offer “Drew’s Pheno”, a rotating cultivar showing off the innovation of Carmel’s team.

With a website that has a hand-drawn feel & iconic orange bags, Carmel has built a brand that budtenders across the country are excited to grab, but not share – it is a limited batch, after all!

Ghost Drops

When cannabis consumers heard Ghost Drops was joining dispensary shelves, they were given yet another reason to make the shift to the regulated market. That’s right, Ghost Drops is another legacy to legal success story. Founded by Organik, Canadian hip-hop legend, Ghost Drops was initially a brand you had to know someone to get – now you just need to pray your local shop hasn’t sold out or make it to their flagship retail location n downtown Toronto.

Ghost Drops works directly with craft growers to bring their Z-Splitter, Khalifa Mints, and First Class Funk to the masses. Always one for innovation, Ghost Drops have dropped multi-packs of joints with differing cultivars while partnering with other legacy brands to bring them to the legal market through “The LEague” – which has already seen a collaboration with legendary concentrate maker, El Hasho. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2022 was year of the Tiger. We think it may have been year of the Ghost.

BOLD Growth

BOLD Growth has truly built its name across the nation by creating a bold portfolio of premium craft cannabis. Guided by their three core values of “quality,” “consistency,” and “integrity,” BOLD Growth utilizes craft methodology to ensure no corners are cut on delivering amazing cuts of quality cannabis cultivars such as Root Beer Float & Death Star. The bold portfolio, and craft methodology, also extends into their 510 cartridges and concentrates. Through careful creation, they bring forward a 99% THCA Diamond Dust or a flavourful Blue Mlk 510 (Star Wars fans rejoice).

Proudly displaying their facility on their website through engaging videos, they show off the beautiful bud & the work that goes into filling their black bags found across Canada.

Simply Bare

Simply Bare has steadily built a name for themselves in the Canadian legal market for the level of quality they bring to the flower & concentrates category. Not only was Simple Bare one of the first craft brands found across Canada, Simply Care is organic certified – earning their slogan of “nature’s truest cannabis”. Utilizing organic and sustainable practices, Simply Bare utilizes its nutrient-rich soil to grow BC Bud to live up to the hype built behind it. Simply Bare rises above the hype that often is built across the space by releasing consistent quality. Be it their flower or their hash, frome laying themselves bare, this brand has held the trust of craft cannabis enjoyers.

With a bright yet relaxed orange jar, Simply Bare products stand out on the shelves of dispensaries before standing out in the stash of the distinguished cannabis consumer.

Next Friday

While many are working for the weekend, cannabis aficionados are all working for Next Friday. Proudly hailing from “the original cannabis market”, Next Friday brought the style & substance from that market to the regulated side. Their name is a play on Health Canada’s lack of transparency with licensing, as the early days saw them waiting for a license knowing only they’re issued on fridays – leading them to saying they’ll be licensed “next friday”.

While the Next Friday story & brand captures consumers attention, the quality of their flower holds it in a vicegrip. With a team of legacy cultivators working with rare genetics, Next Friday has unveiled cuts such as London Pound Mints, Cream N’ Tina, Jet Fuel, and Kiwi Sherbert which have left consumers’ jaws on the floor whilst their stuck in the couch.

BackPack Boyz

No, no ,no; not Island Boys, BackPack Boys! This L.A-based brand is yet another example of excellent cannabis brands growing the legacy way. through word-of-mouth. While they have an amazing website and an Instagram page for their Venice Blvd dispensary location(one of the many they own), cannabis enthusiasts rely on the buzz their products create to get a semblance of the quality contained in their mylar bags. One for transparency, their website features a Reviews section where you can see just how much Backpack Boyz are loved by their consumers.

With unique cultivars such as “Uncle Snoop” & “Crypto Gelato”, their bags feature bright, often cartoony, branding that captures the attention and imagination of all of those seeking to source themselves a bag.

MKX Oil Co.

Through their elevated branding, it is clear MKX Oil Co. creates a luxury product. This self-proclaimed “Patient-Over-Profit” producer has made waves across the Michigan medical cannabis community for their high-potency cartridges as well as their best-selling line of edibles. Through understanding that clean cannabis can be hard to come by in semi-regulate areas, the founder worked tirelessly to perfect their offerings by their 2017 launch. Using organically grown cannabis flowers, MKX is able to produce solvent-free oils that are free from pesticides and chemicals. This commitment to quality has brought them not only loyal consumers, but partnership opportunities, as now Tommy Chong has his own line of products with the brand.

Be it their GG4 or Blue Dream, MKX delivers premium distillate cartridges across their territories to ensure the medical market has the best craft products available.


The perfect mix of quality and culture, GoodGood welcomes consumers to the new era of high end cannabis. Born in New York City, yet based in California, the GoodGood brand is intrinsically tied to the subcultures that helped shape them; be it the fashion, sneaker, hip-hop and luxury goods scene. Their collection of 3.5G flower & pre-rolls come from meticulously selected genetics that are grown indoors by a team of top cultivators.

With offerings such as Joker, Mochi, and GoodGood OG, GoodGood offers products you can feel good about consuming as they’re commited not only to spreading the brand but in sustainable social impact, empowering consumers through education, and partnering with creatives from all industries.

Pacific & Pine

While consumers all rave over California cannabis, Pacific & Pine proves that the North-West’s cultivators are nothing to shake a stick at. Pacific and Pine is an all-natural & organic line of cannabis products grown in the high plains of Eastern Washington’s Upper Columbia Basin by this family owned & opperated company. Having been cultivating cannabis since 2015, their cultivators have refined their practices through years of experience.

Focused on growing responsibly, Pacific & Pine acts as stewards of the land they grow on. Conserving water through drip irrigation, using all plant and soil waste as compost to be amended & reincorperated, and using biodiversity as pest management has led to consistent cannabis you can feel good consuming. Be it their Ice Cream Cake or their Gorilla Cookies, Pacific & Pine brings the feeling of finding a hidden gem at the Farmer’s Market to the cannabis scene.

House of Dank

Across Michigan, House of Dank’s dispensaries has built a loyal following due to their in-house brand of craft flower. Through carrying craft-grown, highly sought-after cultivars such as their Marshmellow OG & Gelato, they have delighted the discerning medical clients that they serve across the state.

Throughout the holiday season, they’ve packaged their own products together to create beautiful gift bags which would light up the eyes of any Michigan stoner.

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