In the few past years, the Canadian cannabis market has absolutely exploded with new products, cultivars, innovations, and brands. Despite the overreaching restrictions on LPs placed by Health Canada, LPs have been able to build creative branding to communicate the values behind their flower(and edibles, concentrates, and so on). While each budtender & cannabis worker surely has their opinions on which LP brand is best, here is a look at the brands that stood out to the ADCANN community in 2022.

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Don’t panic, it’s organic! TGOD, also known as The Green Organic Dutchman has been a staple of organic smokers since the start of the legal market. TGOD makes organic cannabis using living soil, and puts their buds in to unique glass jars that not only preserve freshness, but make the jar something you’d want to leave out on your counter.

The TGOD brand doesn’t only offer flower, also offering pre-rolls in biodegratable packaging, infused oils, and the only organic 520 cartridge available in Ontario.TGOD is so popular that they’ve expanded their offering with sister brands Ripple & Highly Dutch, ensuring consumers always have an organic option – no matter what they want to consume.


Want a high that’s “out of this world”? Look no farther than BOXHOT. Originally making waves with their 1.2G Alien OG cartridge, BOXHOT has vastly expanded their brand’s offering and image. Leaning into 90’s nostalgia, the brand’s website and packaging reflects a love for TRON & vapourwave aesthetic. The brand is loud, fun, but most importantly, contains a unique & authentic voice.

BOXHOT’s roots will always be in concentrates but now is offering a full lineup of 510 cartridges, loose concentrates, edibles, beverages, flower and even infused blunts, BOXHOT has set themselves apart from the competition with strong branding and even stronger concentrates.


If you walk into your local dispensary and ask for “the best flower available”, there is a pretty good chance you will be offered BLKMKT. Avant’s leading brand has made a name for itself across Canada due to being rare, sought-after genetics that are scrupulously cultivated, hang-dried, hand trimmed, and never irradiated. With flower, pre-rolls, and blunts, BLKMKT has captured the attention of the Canadian connoisseur.

Their amazing product is only elevated through their marketing. Keeping their branding simple & elegant, Avant lets BLKMKT’s processes & quality take center stage. Part of this is placing the terpene information dirrectly on the jar – something BLKMKT pioneered, making waves last year. BLKMKT’s glass jars have truly taken over the cannabis space in 2022.


Cannabis concentrates can be the most expensive category for a consumer, however, this brand has made waves for it’s affordable yet quality concentrates; so much so, that this is their second year in a row nominated for LP Brand of the Year. Roilty, a brand under the Lifeist/CannMart umbrella, seeks to change the way we look at the category through its collection of premium yet affordable concentrates.

The regal branding (a crown & deep purple colour) on every bag gives consumers an idea of what’s to come. With offerings of shatter, sugar wax, & live resin they undercut the existing market while aiming to rise above the quality of their competitors. Consumers all agree Roilty will have you feeling like royalty.

Freedom Cannabis

Freedom Cannabis has come from the Albertan prairies to give Canada exactly what it needs. Orignally making waves for their high-quality yet low cost 28G offerings, Freedom has launched their Reserve line. Freedom Reserve promises over 2% terpenes and +30% THC on every jar – making it a go-to for experienced smokers looking for that “first time high”.

Freedom’s also commited to making sure consumers can feel good not just about what they bought, but who they’ve bought from; Freedom is commited to sustainability, investing in green initiatives such as solar energy for their facility, water remediation, and 100% recyclable packaging. With Freedom on Canadian shelves, we are all free from bad cannabis.

Which Cannabis LP Brand do you think stood out in 2022?

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