To some, cannabis accessory brands can feel like a low-effort category. Those are also the type of people who refer to rolling papers, bongs, pipes, vaporizers and other accessories as marijuana paraphernalia. Meanwhile, for those in the know, preference is everything. Your accessories can change the quality and experience of your consumption. 

This article is dedicated to the smokers who know that the material, size and brand of your rolling paper can sometimes be a big conversation.

Here are the finalists for ADCANN’s best accessory brand of the year.

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TOQi makes a wireless 510 vape. No, not those stick vapes for the entry-level user we’ve all had. TOQi makes an innovative 510 battery designed for instant, smooth hits and a 20-minute charge. You can also buy refillable 510 cartridges from TOQi so you can enjoy your dabs, shatter, crumble, wax, diamonds, or live resin on the go. 

TOQi is an innovative, premium vape from Toronto making their way into the States and poised for further expansion. Keep an eye on TOQi!



CannTerp is a market leader in terpenes, focused on providing unique cannabis accessory and wellness products. CannTerp has an industry-leading portfolio of patent-pending terpene products that allow you to enhance and customize your cannabis consumption experience. Whether it be boosting the terpene content of your dried buds with your favourite terpenes or strain profiles, adding a few drops to your bong water or aromatherapy diffuser, or lighting a candle. CannTerp products allow you to integrate terpenes into your daily wellness routine.

CannTerp also provides comprehensive retail solutions to the cannabis industry by helping to set up interactive and educational experiences for staff and customers to learn about terpenes. Terpene awareness is rapidly growing among customers and the cannabis industry. CannTerp’s retail solutions help you to support your customers and budtenders while differentiating your brand as the experts.

 Check out CannTerp to learn more about the amazing products and solutions we offer.

Eco Four Twenty

The days of poking holes in a gatorade bottle and filling it full of bounce sheets are over. Unless that’s your thing… No judgement. Eco Four Twenty is one of a handful of companies that make personal air filters for smokers. 

A personal smoke/vapor filter takes in your smoke and filters it. How do you ask? Eco Four Twenty uses two filters, a hepa for dust and particles, and a carbon filter for trapping odour. Because of companies like Eco Four Twenty, smokers everywhere can enjoy a private, discreet experience. This Toronto based company has helped many Canadians keep their environment smoke-free. Wink wink. 

Canadian Lumber

Put the chainsaws down! There’s a rolling paper company coming through that’s got us picking up the dual axes instead! From Nova Scotia, Canadian Lumber has all natural rolling paper and tip packs in three different materials. All of which are ethically sourced, all the way down to the ethically sourced glue strips. 

Canadian Lumber’s 3 rolling papers are “The Woods”, “The Greens”, and “The Hippy”. “The Woods” come from 100% natural wood pulp, “The Greens” come from 100% pure hemp. And the Hippy is a 50/50 blend of Hemp and Flax seed. For a full breakdown on the differences between them, check out Canadian Lumber’s guide.

Canadian Lumber

Zig Zag

Colt 45 and two ___ ____, baby that’s all we need. Come on, finish the line, you know it. And for good reason. Zig Zag didn’t come out of nowhere recently. They’re not a product of legalization. Zig Zag has a story that spans nearly 150 years. Before Cannabis was a conversation, Zig Zag was looking to help people roll whatever they were smoking. Which included cannabis. 

Zig Zag was actually founded in France around the end of the 19th century. When a French soldier had his pipe shot out of his hand, he was forced to improvise to smoke his tobacco. He used a piece of paper he had to smoke a cigarette and the story circulated. When the story spread, it inspired a brand. A “Zouave” is a French infantryman from the late 1800’s. He typically wore a red and blue outfit, and you can still find a “Zouave” adorned on your rolling papers.

Grav Labs

Founded in Austin, Texas in 2004, Grav Labs makes pipes, bongs, bubblers, dab rigs and glass joints. Grav Labs was founded on the basis of designing artistic, functional cannabis tools. 

Slow Cannabis legalization and the changes in cannabis perception have brought forth consumer-first companies designing better cannabis tools. The days of the water bottle, apple and soda can pipes are over. There may be a ceramic soda can pipe on the market though. Legalization in the US and globally is yet to come, but everyday it gets closer. It’s a long story with a slow burn.


For many, RAW is a household name. Be it their filters, papers, or cones. Many are used to the brown paper and the three red letters. RAW. It was once stated that “Raw is War” but when you get passed a raw joint raw typically means peace. 

Josh Kesselman, founder of RAW, Juicy Jay’s and Element, has built a brand around sharing and ethically sourced products that improve the smoke experience. RAW rolling paper sustainably in ethiopia. Sometimes it’s nice to start with a raw king cone, then enjoy a waffle cone. 


Everybody’s seen those homemade gravity bongs. People take a two litre bottle and butcher it, then use a bucket filled with water to create a large amount of smoke. When the cannabis world saw Seth Rogen smoking from a Stündenglass gravity bong, our jaws dropped. 

Stündenglass is a Grenco Sciences product, the people that brought you the G pen. The Stündenglass, which is German for ‘hourglass” utilizes gravity and water for a powerful hit. It should really be called the stonedenmacher.


Cannabis concentrates and oils are a relatively new concept. New products and categories come from loosening of regulations and new inspiration. More begets more and new begets new. Meaning, as we experience more new things, we come to expect and create new things ourselves. We are also at a time where new categories will pop up, but not stick around. 

Watching companies like Puffco create a range of concentrates and flower products to improve consumption methods is exciting. Roger Volodarsky and the Puffco team in California have created an innovative line-up of products. They have digital dab rigs, pens and even a discrete bong. It makes you wonder what they’re going to come up with next.

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Josh Socket

Josh Socket

In 2017, Josh had a Bachelor’s from Ryerson and was interning in a museum. When Cannabis was legalized, he immediately saw a new path for himself in canna-marketing. He’s budtended, worked on the medical side, now you can catch him writing for ADCANN and grnhouse agency.