With a step in the right direction, the sixth annual ADCANN Awards has introduced the “Rookie of the Year” category. This addition highlights innovative newcomers reshaping the cannabis landscape, reflecting the industry’s dedication to acknowledging fresh perspectives and creative endeavours. The finalists, vying for the inaugural title, represent a wave of passion and creativity, highlighting the potential of emerging players in the dynamic cannabis sector.

Join us to explore the exceptional achievements of these trailblazers, marking the debut of recognition for the industry’s up-and-coming stars.

Woody Nelson

Woody Nelson, rooted in mountainous terrain, epitomizes a return to grassroots cannabis culture. Founded by locals in Nelson, BC, passionate about the outdoors, the company embraces its community, investing in partnerships with educational and local organizations. Collaborating with regional artists, Woody Nelson’s visuals uniquely capture the local vibe. Their product line features “Lofi” full-spectrum extracts, emphasizing the entourage effect, and “Hifi” for premium solventless products. Proudly hiring local talents, Woody Nelson blends craftsmanship with community spirit, offering a unique and authentic cannabis experience that resonates with the heart of their mountain home.

Zest Cannabis

Zest Cannabis stands out in the cannabis landscape with a commitment to innovation, enticing consumers with unique and captivating offerings. At the core of their philosophy is a devotion to flavour, emphasizing high terpene profiles for a sensory-rich cannabis experience. Acknowledging the demand for potency, Zest Cannabis proudly offers an array of high-THC products that cater to diverse consumer preferences. The product lineup includes extract vape carts, infused pre-rolls, and infused flowers, ensuring various options for consumers seeking an elevated journey. With a distinctive old comic book-style branding, Zest Cannabis combines nostalgia with a cutting-edge approach, bringing a refreshing zest to the cannabis world.

Rosin Heads

Rosin Heads, dedicated to redefining cannabis indulgence, presents artisan chocolates infused with the finest hash rosin. Believing in the transformative power of hash rosin, Rosin Heads merges strain-specific live rosin with carefully curated terpene profiles for an unparalleled sensory experience. Collaborating with growers, hash makers, and chocolatiers, each 10mg Orange Tingz Hash Rosin-infused piece becomes a collaborative masterpiece.

Available in Ontario, Rosin Heads’ chocolates showcase precision and passion. From the tart Raspberry Peanut Butter Cup to the festive Hashy Holidaze Cranberry Truffle, these adult chocolates promise a unique blend of flavour, quality, and innovation. Rosin Heads invites cannabis enthusiasts to indulge in a new era of elevated delights.


Boondocks beckons enthusiasts to experience “Adventure at your fingertips. Give a hoot, take a hoot, have a hoot!” Rooted in caring about weed and having a blast, Boondocks’ product lineup promises good times with minimal effort. From vapes to the Handy Sack and Smokies, each toke is an invitation to lift spirits effortlessly. Yet, Boondocks goes further, embracing eco-friendly practices with plant-based plastics and recycled materials, ensuring the good times roll with a lighter environmental footprint. Their packaging takes it one step further, with papers included in the Handy Sack pack and hemp wicks in their chamomile-infused Smokies packages, enhancing the end consumer experience with more than just great products and branding. 

Boondocks: Where the grass is greener, and every toke brings joy and sustainability.

Glenn’s Edibles

Glenn’s Edibles stands out with a commitment to superior flavour, firm texture, and an enticing variety that goes beyond typical cannabis edibles. The signature “10 Gummies 10 Flavours,” infused with 1mg Delta 9 THC, offers a crowd-pleasing selection, including Banana, Blue Raspberry, Bubblegum, Cotton Candy, Mango, Peach, Orange Creamsicle, Rainbow Sherbet, Strawberry Lemonade, and Cherry.

In collaboration with Coulson Cannabis, Glenn’s has also introduced the Orange Cream Sativa Rosin 2 Gummy Pack, featuring bright citrus and creamy vanilla—a classic retro flavour. Glenn’s dedication to high-quality flavours and a proprietary “ripple effect” technique ensures a nostalgic journey and an adult, old-school candy experience. Relish the past with Glenn’s mouth-watering gummies, each carrying the essence of nostalgic treats and good vibes.


The finalists for Rookie of the Year present a diverse and innovative array of cannabis offerings. These five brands, each with their own unique flair, represent the future of the cannabis industry, showcasing creativity, sustainability, and a dedication to delivering unparalleled experiences to cannabis enthusiasts.

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Hannah Thomson