Any seasoned cannabis user knows that the accessory used to consume is almost as essential to creating the experience as what’s being consumed, however, finding the perfect accessory can be difficult. Every consumer has a list of different needs they’d like their product to deliver on and needs to navigate countless recommendations, reviews, and retailers before finding something perfect for them.

The following list of accessories has been curated by the cannabis community based on the sheer level of both quality and innovation seen, bringing smiles and red eyes to those who’ve taken the time to explore. Below are this year’s finalists for Accessory Brand of the Year.

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CannTerp is a Canadian market leader in terpenes, focused on providing unique cannabis accessory and wellness products. Whether it be boosting the terpene content of dried buds with a specific terpenes or strain profiles, adding a few drops to bong water or aromatherapy diffuser, or lighting a candle, CannTerp has an industry-leading portfolio of terpene products allowing users to enhance and customize their cannabis consumption experience.

Terpene awareness is rapidly growing among customers and the cannabis industry, especially with terpenes being listed on many product. To assist cannabis retailers with the growing trend, CannTerp also provides comprehensive retail solutions by helping to set up interactive and educational experiences for staff and customers to learn about terpenes in-store.


When you make a big cartidge, you’re gonna need a bigger pen. BOXHOT made waves in the market when they released a 1.2G cartridge – however, they stood out on the average, skinny battery.

The BOXHOT GLOWSTICKS is a button-activated 510 threaded vape battery with micro-USB charging. Noticably bigger than the average battery, it fits perfectly in the hand, and with BOXHOT vape cartridges. With adjustable temperature, pre-heating, and boasting three times the battery life of a standard 510 battery

While they come in a few different colours they don’t literally glow, however they’re certainly a hot accessory for the 510 connoisseur.


TOQi excells in all things “battery”. Many in the cannabis industry know of their signature 510 battery, boasting customizable temperatures as well as a sleek, unique, ergonomic design. Pairing perfectly with their wireless charging pad, consumers can charge their TOQi 510 battery conveniently, while keeping their cellular charged with their convenient Wirless Power Bank.

TOQi is an innovative, Black-owned, premium vape from Toronto making their way into the eyes of many by working with prominent cannabis content creators & being featured by many retailers. Keep an eye on TOQi!

Canadian Lumber

No need for chainsaws, there’s a rolling paper company coming through that’s got us picking up the dual axes instead! From Nova Scotia, Canadian Lumber’s all natural rolling paper and tip packs come in three different, ethically-sourced materials; even the gum-strip! 

Canadian Lumber’s 3 rolling papers are “The Woods”, “The Greens”, and “The Hippy”. “The Woods” come from 100% natural wood pulp, “The Greens” come from 100% pure hemp. And the Hippy is a 50/50 blend of Hemp and Flax seed. For a full breakdown on the differences between them, check out Canadian Lumber’s guide.

Zig Zag

Colt 45 and two ___ ____, baby that’s all we need. Come on, finish the line, you know it, and for good reason! Zig Zag didn’t hit the market recently, as many others have. Zig Zag isn’t a recent product of legalization, instead boasting a story spanning nearly 150 years. Before Cannabis was a conversation, Zig Zag was looking to help people roll whatever they were smoking; including cannabis. 

Zig Zag was actually founded in France around the end of the 19th century. When a French soldier had his pipe shot out of his hand, he was forced to improvise to smoke his tobacco. He used a piece of paper he had to smoke a cigarette and the story circulated. When the story spread, it inspired a brand. A “Zouave” is a French infantryman from the late 1800’s. He typically wore a red and blue outfit, and you can still find a “Zouave” adorned on your rolling papers.

Hamilton Devices

If variety is the spice of life, Hamilton Devices keeps it spicy. Hamilton Devices carries a variety of CCELL vaporizers, smart rigs, vaporizer accessories, and even dry herb vaporizers. Their unique CCELL vaporizers such as their hands-free Gamer Battery, stylish Gold Bar, and Starship (which allows you to smoke three 510 cartridges at a time) have captured the imagination of thousands.

While nominated for an American ADCANN Award, soon Hamilton Devices will be everywhere due to their distribution latest deal with CannMart paired with their unique marketing presence all over Amazon’s


For many, cannabis concentrates and oils are a relatively new concept. With the regulations around cannabis now fully allowing cannabis concentrates, hash rosins, distillates, live resins, & more, consumers are being introduced to all kinds of new market highs making them wonder “what could possibly come next”?

Watching companies like Puffco create a range of concentrates and flower products to improve consumption methods is exciting. Roger Volodarsky and the Puffco team in California have created an innovative line-up of products. They have digital dab rigs, pens and even a discrete bong. It makes you wonder what they’re going to come up with next.


For many, RAW is a household name. The swan song of rolling paper inventor, Josh Kesselman, made to be the most natural rolling paper on the market. The inspiration struck in Gainesville, Florida, after Kesselman was disapointed by a “natural” cigarette sporting bleached, white paper. When originally bringing RAW to manufacturers, Kesselman was laughed out of boardrooms and told “no one wants to smoke a paper bag”. Kesselman got the last laugh, as the public LOVED RAW.

While spread far & wide from smoke-circles and word of mouth, now in today’s legal space Kesselman advertises RAW papers & all his countless inventions designed to enjoy your smoke just a little bit more across Instagram & TikTok. Countless paper variations, tips, joint holders, packers, smoke-friendly apparel, a full on charity, and even a facemask with a joint-hole – RAW truly has it all for the distinguished toker.


Everybody’s seen those homemade gravity bongs. People take a two litre bottle and butcher it, then use a bucket filled with water to create a large amount of smoke. When the cannabis world saw Seth Rogen smoking from a Stündenglass gravity bong, our jaws dropped. 

Stündenglass is a Grenco Sciences product, the people that brought you the G pen. The Stündenglass, which is German for ‘hourglass” utilizes gravity and water for a powerful hit. It should really be called the stonedenmacher.

Grav Labs

Founded in Austin, Texas in 2004, Grav Labs makes pipes, bongs, bubblers, dab rigs and glass joints. Grav Labs was founded on the basis of designing artistic, functional cannabis tools. 

Slow Cannabis legalization and the changes in cannabis perception have brought forth consumer-first companies designing better cannabis tools. The days of the water bottle, apple and soda can pipes are over. There may be a ceramic soda can pipe on the market though. Legalization in the US and globally is yet to come, but everyday it gets closer. It’s a long story with a slow burn.

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