Navigating social media is one of the most difficult tasks for a cannabis marketer. With Meta’s unfair & seemingly random enforcement of it’s Terms of Service, Twitter’s Musk-caused imposition, and most other social media not allowing cannabis on their platforms, having cannabis brands exist digitally can feel near impossible. Despite these challenges, certain brands have not only found their way to exist online, but created their own niche that has consumers watching the brand’s page as if they were another Kardashian.

Let’s go through the finalists as voted by you, the ADCANN community.

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BOXHOT made waves on the cannabis scene with their 1.2 gram vape cartridge full of Alien OG; if you thought the vape was great, you’re going to think their social is out of this world.

Often leaning into 80’s nostalgia, counter culture, and extraterrestrial imagery, BOXHOT’s Instagram perfectly shows off their various concentrates, blunts, edibles, and bud offerings.

Highly Dutch Organic

Highly Dutch Organic, TGOD’s brand specializing in bulk organic cannabis flower & hashish, isn’t just another value brand relying off their more luxurious counterpart. Highly Dutch Organic has crafted not only a solid product line, but a solid identity through their careful yet fun social media presence.

While their website says “creating good vibes”, this can be seen best on their Instagram page, which is a collection of photos showing the product grow, cure, or being enjoyed in vibrant, warm settings. Fun, upbeat, everything you want to see with your weed.

Ghost Drops

Leaders in bringing legacy cannabis culture to the legal market, it is no surprise to find Ghost Drops in “Best Social Media”. Starting as a legacy brand, founder Organik managed to preserve the magic for the legal market. Ghost Drops isn’t simply another LP, as they also have a retail location where Ghost Drops fans can get their favourite drops, apparel, and even donuts.

A mix of high quality videos, lifestyle shots of the Ghost Drops team, and their signature art tied to each of their cultivars (and to their NFT project), the Ghost Drops Instagram is sure to keep cannabis lovers scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Ripple by TGOD

Ripple by TGOD is the Canadian cannabis market’s solution to wanting easy, potent edibles. Ripple provides users the opportunity to add a flavourless powder to drinks or food to easily infuse them with whatever dose the user wants.

Ripple’s social media embodies the sweet simplicity of the product, with posts looking as if they were pulled directly from your favourite lifestyle magazine. With easy recipes & infusion ideas paired with bright, simple imagery, Ripple by TGOD’s Instagram is sure to be a favourite.


For those looking to kick their feet back & currate a vibe, it’s all cruuzy, baby. Cruuzy takes the laid-back attitude of an L.A beach bum or young McConaughey and places it into a cannabis company with a solid lineup of flower and concentrates.

Cruuzy’s Instagram further pushes forward this surfer persona, as many posts not featuring their iconic wave logo is often imagery of beaches, or their products being enjoyed – often on a beach.

Gentleman Smugglers

The story of Gentlemen Smugglers is truly one for the history books (or Netflix Orginal). Beginning as an international cannabis smuggling ring, Barry “Flash” Foy and his compatriots were hit hard by Operation Jackpot; an introductory blow to the cannabis community as part of Reagan’s War on Drugs. Now that they’ve been released, they’re back at it – legally, of course.

Gentlemen Smuggler’s Instagram shows off the years of history unapologetically – highlighting the team behind the products & their stories rather than pumping out lifestyle posts. With collages spanning multiple posts and videos where they say they’d do it all over again, Gentlemen Smugglers is sure to show off their renegade spirit.


Cookies is an absolutely legendary cannabis brand that has long since utilized social media as a primary form of marketing – earning them a spot in both the Canadian and American award categories.

Each cultivar has a uniquely crafted video marrying engaging music with eye-catching visuals; both featuring the clear hip-hop influence that appears across their posts. While each region’s social media has different “do’s & don’t’s”, Cookies utilizes its influence in hip-hop and stunning product shots (both static & video form) to entice those who’ve debated springing for one of their iconic blue bags.

Cookies Social Media Post

Gage Cannabis Co.

While Gage Cannabis Co. is present in both Canada and the United States of America, their U.S excels in demonstrating their brand identity. Since their nomination last year, they doubled down on what they do well.

Their Instagram page features stunning product shots, lifestyle posts, product announcements, and more – all tied together by the iconic Gage orange. Whether it’s their announcement of partnership with Wiz Khalifa, or showing off their dog leashes, Gage has not only created a solid brand, they’ve built legacy.

Gage Social Media Post


Stiiizy is a brand that many who enjoy vaporizing know in the United States. Having been featured in publications from VICE to High Times, they’ve cultivated an impressive half-million followers on their Instagram page.

Often featuring product shots to allow the quality of their wares to speak for itself, they also feature videos to highlight their products, social good campaigns, and of course, attractive women smoking Stiiizy pens.

Stiiizy Social Media Post


Being a service to find new brands and cannabis community rather than being a producer, Weedmaps has created nearly 2,000 unique posts for its 535K Instagram followers with the goal of creating community.

Featuring giveaways, photos of top-shelf cannabis, and elements designed to be shared, their posts work to entice cannabis users into exploring the various articles on their website & push forward cannabis culture.

Weedmaps Social Media Post

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