Food Brands Targeting Cannabis Consumers

Totino’s - #BetterWhenBaked


Totino’s is a brand of frozen mini pizza snacks owned by General Mills. They created an OOH and digital campaign with the hashtag #betterwhenbaked. This is a clever play on words because you need to “bake” the frozen treats, but they are also more enjoyable when the consumer is “baked”. Each billboard features a different reference to cannabis culture.

Oh Henry! - 4:25 Bar


Canadian candy-bar brand Oh Henry! created the “4:25” bar this summer to celebrate cannabis legalization and capture the “stoner” demographic. Oh Henry! said the 4:25 bar takes its name from the hunger one feels five minutes after getting high and is “specifically formulated to satisfy the intense hunger craving that occurs after 4:20.” To launch this product they opened a pop-up store in Kensington Market in downtown Toronto that resembled a medical marijuana dispensary, but instead of cannabis, the shelves and jars were filled with candy bars. The store was open to the public and the bars were being given out as free samples.

This new bar is only peanuts and caramel. Personally, I don’t know what Oh Henry! was thinking. Do cannabis users not enjoy chocolate? Of course they do! Have you ever heard of the pasties? Trying to eat one of these dry chewy peanut bars after you’ve actually consumed cannabis is a formidable challenge. Sorry. Let’s move on.

The product is available in gas stations and convenience stores across the country for a limited time, and while supplies last.

It is important to note that despite the name, the bar contains no cannabis. There are no plans for the company to create an infused edible at this time, but a spokesperson told the media “you never know what the future may hold for Oh Henry!”.

Carl’s Jr


American fast-food chain Carl’s Jr. utilized popular cannabis culture reference “wake and bake” in their sandwich board OOH advertising.

Jack In The Box x Merry Jane - Merry Munchie Meal


American fast-food chain Jack in the Box launched a limited edition late-night “Merry Munchie Meal” in select locations in California to celebrate the legalization of recreational cannabis in the state in January of 2018. Jack in the Box partnered with Merry Jane, a cannabis-focused digital media platform launched by rapper Snoop Dogg, to create a meal that included two tacos, five mini churros and three chicken strips with a US$4.20 price tag.

Foodora - “Hot Box” for 4/20


Food delivery service Foodora created a “Hot Box” promotion on April 20 (4/20, the cannabis consumption national holiday) in six Canadian cities, including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Foodora partnered with seven restaurants and asked them to create a unique “over the top, munchie-style” dish. Offerings in other Canadian cities include poutine, smoothie bowls, shawarma platters and burgers. Everything is priced at $4.20 or multiples of $4.20.

Each munchies meal comes in an insulated bag accompanied by a pair of pink sunglasses, a branded lighter and a tin of mints. It’s everything you’d need to celebrate 4/20 in style, except for the actual cannabis.

Pizza Pizza - 10/17 Deal

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Canada legalized cannabis for recreational use in October of 2018. Toronto-based Pizza Pizza created a special promotion online for customers on legalization day, also known as 10/17. A medium pizza with 3 toppings was on sale $10.17 for that day only. There is a cheeky but relevant note that says “Delivery only. So you don’t drive.” The brand proclaims themselves as “your munchies headquarters” in the ad, obviously targeting the crowd that was celebrating throughout the day.

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