The most popular cannabis collectible

The Ganja Grin is a SpongeBob-inspired collectible toy created by Ron English, The Compound and Made By Monsters’ Chris Kong. Legendary artist meets cultural ambassador meets iconic toymaker in this collaboration.

The resulting “toy” is dubbed ‘Ganja Grin’ and is Compound’s version of Ron English’s “Shocking Sunflower” and “Growing Grin” sculptures. Ron English’s added marijuana-inspired features and colour-ways. They created three editions; Haze Bob, Pot of Gold and Silver Kush.

The collectible was released on April 20th of this year to celebrate the national holiday of cannabis. The ‘Ganja Grin’ originally retailed for $650 USD and sold out almost instantly. They are now worth more and can be found for sale online. This product proved to be the most hyped cannabis-themed collectible for anyone in love with the plant or the industry.

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