The Best Cannabis Packaging Design of 2018

Cannabis packaging has changed drastically over the past few years. The plant has made the transition from clear plastic bags to some of the most creative and refined design in any industry. Real brands are emerging in the mature American markets like California and Colorado. Cannabis companies are moving past the cliches, pot-leaf logos and green colour-ways that used to define cannabis brands. We’ve compiled a list of the most creative and effective cannabis packaging designs from 2018 and will continue to do this yearly to mark the progression of cannabis branding and design.

Informative and functional

Information never goes out of style. Canndescent combines simple modern design with functional and informative packaging. They have created 5 categories of products - Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge - and provide information about each inside of the box.


Simplistic Design

Simplicity is the number one trend of cannabis packaging in 2018. Brands like The Goodship Co., Humboldt Brothers, 1906 New Highs and Recess have all embraced simple design. This packaging is uncluttered, uniform in colour and utilizes ample negative space.

Shedding any remaining stigma surrounding recreational marijuana, Goodship (packaging) offers an approachable, yet refined way to enjoy legal cannabis.
— Mint Design Inc.


Geometric and floral patterns are also “in” this year. Kiva Confections’ product Petra Mints is a perfect example of patterns in cannabis packaging.


Elegance and Luxury

As cannabis goes “mainstream”, more and more brands are aiming to appeal to a higher-class crowd. Both Beboe and Bloom Farms are wonderful examples of simple and elegant packaging design that gives off an air of luxury. Beboe’s packaging resembles a fancy book or an expensive jewellery box. Bloom Farms efficiently utilizes subtle metallic graphics and text to convey that they are a premium brand.


Harness Culture and Creativity

Perhaps the most interesting and needed trend of 2018 is integrating culture and the creativity of artists into cannabis packaging design. The best example of this is 1964 Supply Co who partnered with Canadian marketing agency One Twenty Three West to send samples of the product to several popular artists. The agency asked them to create artwork while under the influence of the various cannabis strains. The result is a unique piece of artwork that was wholly inspired by the actual product inside the packaging.

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