7ACRES wins Best LP Branding in Canada

7ACRES has been voted the winner of the Best Licensed Producer Branding category in the 2018 AdCann Advertising Awards.

The brand’s design is consistently sleek and modern. 7ACRES has a distinct colour-way consisting of black, white and a unique yellow orange. The company has successfully branded themselves as insiders with a deep understanding of the cannabis community. This is reflected in their “RESPECT THE PLANT” and “RESPECT THE CULTURE” slogans. They are championing the existing culture and fighting for the integrity of quality cannabis.


In December of 2018, the company announced a partnership with Khalifa Kush Enterprises to bring the popular musician Wiz Khalifa’s signature strains to Canada under the 7ACRES brand. Both 7ACRES and Khalifa Kush Enterprises are focused on producing premium high quality cannabis. This product addition is a great way for 7ACRES to align their brand with Wiz Khalifa, who has a large cult following among parts of the cannabis community.


7ACRES has 7 commandments that their brand lives by. All of these commandments read like promises to 7ACRES’ customers and cannabis enthusiasts. The brand promises to stand for something - by showing gratitude for those who choose to consume their products, by spreading their love and knowledge of cannabis to help educate the community and by acknowledging all of the brave activists that sacrificed and paved the way for them.

Most importantly, 7ACRES strives to create a movement, not just an audience. The company is committed to something deeper than just selling products and this is reflected in all of their branding and marketing materials.


About 7ACRES

The Supreme Cannabis Company, Inc. (TSXV: FIRE) (OTCQX: SPRWF) (FRA: 53S1) is a Canadian publicly traded company committed to providing premium brands and products that proudly reflect its consumers, people and uniquely innovative culture. The Company's portfolio includes its wholly-owned subsidiary and flagship brand 7ACRES.

7ACRES is a federally licensed cannabis producer operating a 342,000-square-foot facility in Kincardine, Ontario. 7ACRES is dedicated to providing consumers with a premium-quality product that recognizes its customers are informed, discerning and value a brand and culture that aligns with their principles. 7ACRES brand success has been reflected in provincial supply agreements with the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

The Company's growing portfolio also includes an equity investment and long-term global distribution arrangement with Lesotho-based Medigrow for the exporting of medical-grade cannabis oil.

The Company has consistently set the standard for innovation in the sector, including the design of growing facilities and development of operational excellence metrics. We are confident that together with our flagship brand, proprietary technology and products, truly unique culture, and industry-leading team, we will deliver our shareholders consistent long-term value creation.

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