Bud Bash is excited to be back for round 5! Your favourite exclusive event for Canadian budtenders and retailers to connect with brands and gain education through consumption – and fun! Returning once again to the historic Parkdale Hall, make sure to follow Bud Bash on Instagram to keep up to date as we eagerly count down the days until Thursday June 6th.

What is Bud Bash?

Bud Bash is a cannabis industry event held in Toronto, which, as much as it’s a night of celebration, doubles as a way to bring together Licensed Producers and budtenders for educational conversation outside of the typical retail setting. Between marketing restrictions, a strict budget, and busy retail stores, effective communication with budtenders is being hindered, ultimately making it challenging for LPs to leave a lasting impression.

Bud Bash offers an alternative solution where budtenders can connect with brands directly and deepen their understanding of products while having a good time. Their events aim to facilitate knowledge sharing among industry professionals, intending to pass on insights to colleagues and customers. Whether a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the industry, Bud Bash serves as a valuable forum for enhancing product knowledge and fostering connections within the cannabis industry.

Previous Events

The first Bud Bash happened in 2021, a huge success with 10 participating brands ranging from not only cannabis formats like drinks, flower, and edibles, but including tech, software, and papers as well!  Boasting over 200 attendees, it set the stage for years to come. Bud Bash 2 was held at the same location and boasted even better results & the introduction of our infamous Pinata Bash!

The Spookiest of Bashes was of course, Boo Bash, the Halloween spin-off of the classic event. With pumpkin painting, a costume contest, and a haunted hallway, this event truly was a night to remember.

Last year, the fourth iteration of Bud Bash saw not only a new, never-before-used venue but also more guests than ever—over 420 attendees flooded The Pint, and brands rose to the occasion with levelled-up activities for guests to partake in, including a heat press to create your own merch and even a tie-dye station.

What to Expect this Year

Swag, Swap & Scooby Snacks

For the first time ever, Bud Bash is excited to present the Swag and Swap table. Round up the items you have multiples of, bring that unused swag pile sitting in the corner of your room, and share it with the community to make someone’s day! Swap goodies for something cooler or just bring it, and they’ll make sure any treasures not taken home will find a home with a local retailer for customer giveaways. Any leftover used clothing items left behind will be donated to a local shelter and they will be collecting any other donations you may have for the shelter(additional clothes, diapers, shoes, jackets, canned food etc.)

Wondering what the Scooby Snacks part is? Everyone who participates in the Swag & Swap will get a pack of Scooby Snacks for their participation. (Vegan option available)

Piñata Bash

What would Bud Bash be if there wasn’t a Piñata Bash as an ongoing tradition? Packed with goodies from each participating brand, this interactive activity brings attendees together, fostering camaraderie and shared love for the industry. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the opportunity to be the lucky budtender with the task of smashing open a piñata every 30 minutes or so!

All New Systems for Equal Sharing – Based on feedback from Budtenders, Bud Bash has introduced a system to make sure all attendees have a fair opportunity to get prizes in the pinata. With the token system, people can share their winnings with a Bud as the redemption number will be limited per person, per brand.

Pizza Party & Munchie Bar

As you enter the event, a blend of freshly baked dough, tomato sauce and cheese will fill your nose. Partnering with local Parkdale Pizza shop, CiCi’s, Bud Bash will have not 1 but 2 Pizza Party sessions throughout the course of the night. With one session being right at 7pm, and for the latecomers, don’t worry about not getting a slice, there will be a second round of pies being delivered at 9:30. The classic Bud Bash Snack table will be back with some of your favourite munchies including chips, candy, pop & a special surprise.

Reasons to Attend

Both budtenders and brands cater to the same customer base. Facilitating uninterrupted educational sessions where licensed producers, accessory companies, canna-tech, and dispensaries collaborate enhances industry knowledge and drives innovation, ultimately benefiting consumers and advancing the industry (plus having a good time doesn’t hurt). 

Attending Bud Bash offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in your community. Engaging in discussions and interactive activations that allow you to learn from not only industry professionals but peers you may have only had the chance to engage with online! It’s a chance to immerse yourself in the culture, gain insights, and expand your knowledge about cannabis in a fun and inclusive environment.

Bud Bash Perks

  • Free Tickets for Budtenders & Retailers
  • Best Bud Tickets w/ extra perks
  • Consumer Tickets for +1’s
  • Swag, Swap & Scooby Snack Table
  • Pinata Party – Best Buds will be chosen to participate
  • Samples & Swag
  • Networking, Mingling, Dancing
  • Bar – Open after 9
  • Studenglass Sampler – Patio Only
  • Artist Lounge & Gamer Zone
  • Not another conference, just a Bash


In today’s market, with hundreds of SKU’s and dozens of brands on menus, it’s crucial for your product to stand out. Budtenders play a pivotal role in this, needing to understand your brand story, cultivation methods, and product attributes. They actively seek product education, recognizing its value for themselves, you as a producer, and ultimately, the consumers they serve. If you’re a brand that would like to become a Bud Bash Partner there’s still a few weeks to contact info@budbash.ca

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Jen Gillen

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