On October 25, ADCANN participated in the New Heights Cannabis Tourism Summit, a virtual conference featuring cannabis trailblazers from all different sectors of the industry. Every panel had great information and advice on how to move cannabis tourism forward on this new frontier.

Here‘s what we learned from this years summit.

Understanding the cannabis tourism landscape

The cannabis tourism landscape is scratching the surface in Canada. It starts with a variety of cannabis products and experiences from culinary, wellness, hospitality and transportation. Cannabis and Canadian tourism have the opportunity to create a brand new economy that can be recognized and desired, worldwide. 

The main benefits for the industry and Canada:

  • Creates revenue-generating experiences 
  • Upselling Opportunities
  • Opportunity to educate and destigmatize
  • Make the industry more socially responsible 
  • Diverse opportunities for different demographics

The travel industry was one of the most affected during the pandemic and still struggles to get back to what it was, pre-2020. Cannabis can play a major role in the recovery of the travel industry and lead the way for other countries.

New heights cannabis summit

Hotels, lounges, cafes, restaurants, and bars

Culinary experiences and infused products will lead the way for the future of cannabis and food tourism. With both industries working together, it will help combat stigma and generate revenue. This would also include allowing more premises to consume cannabis. Cannabis lounges and hotels are looking to create space or experience for cannabis users to consume and hang out or relax. Hotels are looking to offer cannabis or infused edibles as part of room service. Cannabis can be a huge benefit to an industry that has been heavily impacted by the pandemic and still has a challenge recovering. Lastly, the cannabis food industry has rapidly gained popularity in the US and led to completely brand new cannabis experiences such as cannabis cooking shows and high-end cannabis restaurants and bars.


New heights cannabis summit

The new mile high club

Airports offer some of the nicest shopping experiences for travellers, why not add cannabis to that experience and create something unique and Canadian. Cannabis can help the recovery effort to help boost the travel industry. Soon, travellers will have the opportunity to purchase or consume cannabis during their time at the airport. Pearson Airport already has plans on opening a cannabis retail store in the arrivals section. It could also lead to cannabis consumption lounges and cafes or restaurants where you can purchase cannabis-infused edibles and beverages. It’s important to know that tourists are thinking of cannabis when they think of Canada. The airports want to have an accessible and safe place for them to purchase. Depending on future cannabis regulations, there are many forms of media that companies can also advertise during the airport experience. The key to messaging is to keep it subtle, niche and marketed to people on the go. 


New heights cannabis summit

Festivals, events, and tours

Music, movies, superheroes, comedy – there are festivals for almost everything. For the cannabis industry, this opens opportunities and a chance to create more safe spaces for consumers and associate themselves to brands and experiences they love and create revenue for the vendors or LPs. For events that are located close to dispensaries, venues can collaborate with dispensaries. For cannabis aficionados, there is a market to conduct cannabis tours, parties and educational events


New heights cannabis summit

Marketing mix

With so many social media platforms and apps available to market cannabis, using a mix of different marketing tactics is the most effective to help distinguish your brand. Highlighting the story of your brand can get a better reaction from consumers. 

  • While being cautious, Instagram is the best platform to display your brand and subtle messaging. 
  • Twitter and Linkedin are useful for connecting to the industry. 
  • Reddit can be used to look at feedback on legal cannabis products or services. 
  • Email is the best way to escape age-gating and promote unrestricted pictures and messaging. 
  • Events and word-of-mouth are still effective forms of getting your promotion and creating brand loyalty.

Rules in review

Stigma still runs deep in the Canadian government and they are still listening to Health Canada first. The Cannabis Council of Canada has been reviewing the past three years of legalization and the slow progress the government has made on regulations. They realized that the cannabis industry hasn’t maxed its fullest potential. They are pushing to lower taxes, expungement of records in BIPOC communities, the online presence of the illicit market, purchasing limits. They are seeking to get these improvements made and help the government to address its objective for cannabis and Canadian public health.  

For more information visit New Heights Cannabis and buckle up, the cannabis industry is about to take flight.

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Spencer Tropea

Spencer Tropea

Spencer Tropea

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