Since its inception, the Canadian cannabis industry has primarily focused on one cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol – aka THC. The only other cannabinoid to get some appreciation thus far has been CBD. But as true as that was, times are changing and new minor cannabinoids like CBG, CBN and CBC are now being explored.

THC is the predominant chemical responsible for the intoxicating effects when consuming cannabis. This has pushed consumers to look for high THC as brands push the narrative that high THC equals high quality. Retail stores and their employees also use THC percentages to help sell products to their customers.

However, that is all changing. There are new brands entering the marketplace that focus on bringing rare and minor cannabinoids to consumers. One brand in particular, Growtown Cannabis, is bringing a curated collection of CBG-dominant products, along with other unique cannabinoid mixtures, to the market in Ontario and provinces across Canada.

Growtown CBG

What are “minor” cannabinoids like CBG?

You may have noticed products that at a glance you read “CBD”, but then at a closer look, you see… CBG, CBN or even CBC. These are called “minor cannabinoids”, but don’t mistake the name for the effects they have on your consumption experience.

The reason they’re called “minor” cannabinoids is that they typically only appear in trace amounts in most strains of cannabis. Cannabigerol is known for being the chemical precursor to THC, CBD and CBC. Therefore, without it, the intoxicating high and other effects usually associated with cannabis wouldn’t exist. 

In ways similar to CBD, cannabigerol has the potential to provide many positive effects without creating an intoxicating high. This has led to CBG being studied for its potential medicinal properties. Some of the main focuses being: mood disorders, inflammation, pain, nausea and has even shown potential in slowing the growth of cancer cells. Growtown positions CBG as a “minor cannabinoid with major potential”.


Craft LPs Celebrating Minor Cannabinoids

Growtown Cannabis is a small licensed producer based in Ontario, Canada. Growtown is one of several producers focusing on creating CBG-forward products. Differentiating themselves by primarily focusing on these rare and lesser-known cannabinoids. The company is also the only producer in the country that has offered a pure CBG smokeable flower option. 

Their stated mission is to “bring unique products and ideas to the cannabis community”. The Growtown team’s goal is to curate a spectrum of accessible, quality products stemming from research, development, and community feedback. “Through the celebration of major and minor cannabinoids and the excitement of exploring uncharted territories”, Growtown is committed to being more than just another cannabis brand in the sea of indistinguishable entities. Along with offering these products on the 19+ recreational market, Growtown also has their own branded medical cannabis portal for registered patients. 

The accessibility, or lack thereof, of cannabinoid products outside of the THC and CBD range are few and far between. Our intention with Growtown, in regards to focusing on alternative cannabinoids, was to provide that genuine accessibility to a market that has genuinely been asking for it for quite some time now. Being able to provide Canadians with the first purely CBG flower has been a remarkable experience and we are honoured to help shine the spotlight on the qualities of CBG and other lesser-known cannabinoids. We knew that our appreciation of CBG would be well received, but we underestimated the demand for CBG based products and have been so inspired to hear directly from community members about how access to these lesser-known cannabinoids has positively impacted their quality of life.

Peter Pakalnis, CEO of Growtown
Panakeia CBG

CBD and CBG-Dominant Products

  1. Growtown: Growtown offers a variety of CBG-dominant and CBG-balanced products including Panakeia Pure CBG flower and pre-rolls, Panakeia Pure CBG rosin 510 vape, a balanced 1:1 CBD:CBG vape cartridge and extracts including CBGA bubble hash. 
  2. Medipharm: The CBG:CBD 1:2 Advanced Formula Oil is an MCT carrier oil that contains a concoction of two cannabinoids, offered by Medipharm Labs. 
  3. Northbound Cannabis: Northbound offers a balanced CBG:CBD vape cartridge made with The White x Appalachia.
  4. Rho Phyto: A unique company that offers CBG-forward topical products and ingestible oil sprays. 
  5. Spinach Feelz: Under their ‘Feelz’ sub-brand, Spinach offers CBG-forward products including their pineapple starfruit THC+CBG gummies and their THC+CBG Tropical Diesel vape cartridge.
  6. Hycycle: A 510 vaporizer company that offers a “221 Move” CBG-forward vape cartridge. 
  7. Indiva: Offers a balanced CBG:CBD 1:1 sativa-dominant oil capsules. 
  8. Wana: A popular edible brand offers “Rise & Shine Clementine” CBG:THC 1:1 sativa-dominant gummies.

The Future of Minor Cannabinoids

Like any other CPG category, it is essential for the cannabis industry to understand consumers’ needs and wants to formulate thoughtful products. Brands will likely continue to offer more specialized products that isolate minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, THCa, etc.

As studies continue to be conducted and brands create more content, consumers will become more educated. Leading to the making of minor and rare cannabinoid products likely becoming more popular and lucrative. The industry will continue to progress past its unhealthy and unsubstantiated obsession with and fixation on THC.


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