ADCANN is pleased to help announce the first inaugural BC Budtenders’ Craft Cannabis Awards presented by both ACCRES and the BC Craft Farmers Co-Op. This platform will give budtenders based in the Pacific province a chance to voice their opinions and honor the top brands, products and people in the industry. Nominations are now open and official voting will begin on April 1st. 

Are you a BC budtender? To have your voice heard and nominate both categories and brands/products/people for the awards – send an email to and/or find us, ACCRES and/or the BC Craft Farmers Co-Op on social media. Visit our Instagram and leave a comment, respond to our stories or send us a direct message to nominate a category. Alternatively – tweet at us on Twitter to nominate categories. 

Celebrating BC Craft Cannabis

“BC bud” is known around the world, and for good reason. This province’s craft breeders, growers and retailers have been setting the standard for the Canadian (and worldwide) cannabis industry for decades. Many of the most beloved cultivars were bred or perfected in BC. Many of the most well-known shops started or are based in British Columbia and many of the most legendary and skilled farmers honed their craft in the province. 

BC-based consumers are uniquely educated and experienced, which requires budtenders to be extremely knowledgeable. Budtenders interact with customers, brand representatives and products on a deep level on a daily basis. For these reasons, we believe that BC-based frontline workers and budtenders are among the most qualified individuals in Canada to judge brands, products and people in this industry. 

The awards gala will take place at the BC Cannabis Summit on April 20th in Kelowna. This event invites industry stakeholders, including many budtenders, from across the province and country to examine the government’s policies and to celebrate BC’s network of legendary craft cannabis farmers. The summit will take place at the El Dorado hotel which offers stunning architecture and beautiful views of Lake Okanagan. 

One of the best parts of this event (for budtenders and consumers alike) is that there will be several large consumption lounges to enjoy BC’s finest gear. These lounges will provide stunning views of mountains and the ocean. Some large companies in the cannabis sector have joined in to support and sponsor this event including Dutchie and Weedpool. 

Vote in the Awards

Help ADCANN, ACCRES and the BC Craft Farmers Co-Op recognize the top brands, innovations and individuals making a difference in British Columbian cannabis. After the continued success of our yearly international ADCANN Awards, we’re happy to focus on and celebrate BC-based budtenders, operators, companies and brands specifically. 

The Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (ACCRES) is a cannabis industry advocacy group that represents a large number of retail stores and craft producers in British Columbia. 

The BC Craft Farmers Co-Op works to cultivate positive change for British Columbia’s world-renowned cannabis industry through federal and provincial advocacy, networking and providing resources to small scale farmers and processors in the province. 

Be a part of the BC Budtenders' Craft Cannabis Awards

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