Tumblr, a microblogging social media platform with hundreds of millions of users, has recently updated its advertising policies for cannabis-related products. According to the updated policy, advertisements targeting individuals 21+ for cannabis and cannabis-adjacent products will be allowed in 6 legal states: California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Arizona, and Colorado. Advertisements for hemp CBD products will be allowed in all states that permit the sale of CBD and hemp. This is a significant move for Tumblr as it becomes one of the first major social media platforms to allow cannabis campaigns along with Twitter and others.

Tumblr’s Updated Cannabis Advertising and Marketing Policy

Cannabis advertising on Tumblr must be pre-approved by Tumblr, sold through their direct-sales team (not programmatic) and geo-targeted exclusively to those of legal age (21+) located in the 6 approved states. Cannabis advertisements are entirely prohibited from running in any other location in the world right now. 

Advertisements that are not permitted:

  • Giveaways, for example, as prizes, of cannabis or cannabis accessories
  • Cigarettes and other tobacco-related products and brands
  • Ads for or relating to products containing Delta-8 or Delta-10 THC

Ads relating to cannabis must not:

  • Be misleading or untrue, and will be given a common-sense check before going live
  • Encourage underage consumption of cannabis or otherwise be aimed, directly or indirectly, to those under the legal age of consumption
  • Encourage unsafe or irresponsible use of cannabis
  • Imply that consuming cannabis has therapeutic or health benefits
  • Positively associate use of cannabis with dangerous or irresponsible activities
  • Show people consuming, smoking, or under the influence of cannabis
  • Give the impression that the product is an alcoholic beverage
  • Encourage the use of cannabis for its intoxicating effects

Ads relating to cannabis must:

  • Be clear that the ad is for cannabis or cannabis-adjacent products
  • Display the (active) license number of the business
  • Come with appropriate disclaimers: Only intended for consumers in CO, CA, MA, AZ, OR, or IL; not intended for minors. The advertiser is wholly responsible for accuracy and compliance with the law. 

Tumblr’s Updated Hemp CBD Advertising and Marketing Policy

Hemp-derived CBD products are not subject to the same advertising requirements as cannabis. However, ads for these products cannot make medical, health, or therapeutic claims, and the product being advertised must be non-ingestible and from legally-derived CBD. Ads must also be targeted only to states where CBD products are legal, and landing pages cannot sell or advertise other products or services prohibited by other Tumblr policies.

What is a Cannabis-Adjacent Product?

Tumblr is allowing advertisements for both cannabis products (THC + other cannabinoid-containing offerings) and cannabis-adjacent products. But what is a cannabis-adjacent product? As defined by Tumblr, a cannabis-adjacent product includes, but is not limited to: “water pipes, rolling papers, and Weedmaps”. We assume this extends to all cannabis smoking accessories and related products and technology companies similar to Weedmaps. It was interesting to note that their official policy actually uses the company and brand name “Weedmaps” specifically. They do not include hemp-derived CBD products, which are covered in a separate section of the regulations.


Restrictions on Cannabis Advertising

The majority of social media networks, including Facebook and Instagram, tend to censor cannabis-related content and do not allow cannabis brands to be advertisers. However, in the last few months both Tumblr and Twitter have updated their policies to become more 420-friendly. However, both of the platform’s policies remain strict with several restrictions. Cannabis marketing restrictions at these mainstream platforms tend to be strict and heavily regulated so that these organizations do not run into trouble with cannabis enforcement agencies.

The Impact of Tumblr’s New Cannabis Ad Policy

Tumblr’s updated cannabis advertising policies mark a significant milestone for the cannabis industry. While the policies are still restrictive, they provide cannabis businesses with a platform to promote their products in a responsible and controlled manner. The policies will hopefully promote the development of the cannabis industry in the 6 permitted states, and they may be expanded to other states in the future. The move by Tumblr also shows a growing acceptance of the cannabis industry in the US, which could lead to further policy changes at other social media networks in the future.

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