Cannabis retail is constantly evolving in Canada. As of the last week of April 2023, there were more than 3,740 legal recreational cannabis storefronts in Canada (according to MJBizDaily). Of these almost 400 retail locations, Ontario has 1,707, Alberta has 977 and British Columbia has 484 stores. The cities with the most storefronts are Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa and Hamilton. Let’s explore the top cannabis stores in Canada by revenue in 2023.

The State of Cannabis Retail in Canada

Some provinces, including Ontario and Alberta, allow for private retail with government wholesale distribution. Others, such as Nova Scotia and Quebec, allow sales only through provincial government-owned stores. British Columbia is unique in that it has both privately-owned and government-owned storefronts. 

As the cannabis industry evolves, some successful retailers have begun to separate themselves from the crowd. This article will examine estimated sales data provided by Neobi Technology to reveal the 10 top cannabis stores when it comes to selling in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia for Q1 of 2023 with analysis on how these retailers have become the best.

Top Performing Cannabis Store Locations in Ontario

  1. MaryJane’s – Toronto
  2. The OZ Store – Orleans
  3. Cannabis Hut – Toronto
  4. Canna Cabana – Hamilton
  5. The We Store – Chatham/Kent
  6. HiBuzz – Brampton
  7. Calyx & Trichomes – Kingston
  8. Highlife – Sudbury
  9. URBNBUD – Windsor
  10. Ganjika House – Brampton

Top Performing Cannabis Store Locations in Alberta

  1. Twenty Four Karats – Lethbridge
  2. Cannabis 4 Less – Grand Prairie
  3. Canna Cabana – Calgary
  4. Plantlife – Cochrane
  5. Canna Cabana – Lloydminster
  6. Canna Cabana – Leduc 
  7. RARE Cannabis – Airdrie
  8. URBN – Grand Prairie
  9. Canna Cabana – Edmonton
  10. Lake City Cannabis – Chestermere

Top Performing Cannabis Storefronts in British Columbia

  1. Original Farms – Victoria 
  2. Spiritleaf – Maple Ridge
  3. Cheeba Cheebas – Kelowna
  4. Original Farms – Langford
  5. Quantum 1 Cannabis – North Vancouver
  6. UEM – Langley City
  7. Shire Green – Prince George
  8. Kiaro – Port Moody
  9. Marigolds Cannabis – Vancouver 
  10. THC Canada – South Vancouver

Top Selling Cannabis Chains in Ontario

  1. Canna Cabana
  2. Tokyo Smoke
  3. Spiritleaf
  4. Sessions
  5. True North Cannabis
  6. ShinyBud
  7. The Hunny Pot Cannabis
  8. The WE Store
  9. Highlife
  10. Pop’s Cannabis

Top Selling Cannabis Chains in Alberta

  1. Canna Cabana
  2. PlantLife
  3. Spiritleaf
  4. Four20 Premium Market
  5. Cannabis House
  6. Bud Supply Group
  7. Cannabis Discounter
  8. Lucid Cannabis
  9. Cannabis 4 Less
  10. Firestone Cannabis

Top Selling Cannabis Chains in British Columbia

  1. Original Farm
  2. Spiritleaf
  3. Clarity Cannabis
  4. Muse Cannabis
  5. Burb
  6. Kiaro
  7. UEM
  8. ARCannabis
  9. Inspired Cannabis
  10. THC Canada

Analysis and The Future of Cannabis Retail in Canada

The top cannabis stores vary slightly from the top selling banners or “chains” overall. The first set of lists profile the top-selling individual locations, which include independent retailers along with publicly and privately owned chains. The second set of lists compares the top-grossing “banners” or “brands” in the cannabis retail space overall (added up in total with revenue from every location they own together). Ontario is largely run by big chains, Alberta has the most “value-based” discount retailers and British Columbia has the largest number of independent and smaller local retail chains.

Cannabis retail will continue to evolve at a rapid pace in Canada and abroad. In certain areas and provinces, the contraction will continue with more stores closing than opening. In other areas, the growth of retail will continue to proliferate. Ultimately, the retailers that will be left standing are those that accurately identify their target market and go above-and-beyond to delight them.

About Neobi Technology

Neobi collects real-time inventory data from thousands of Canadian retail websites to offer the largest repository of retail trends and consumer insight to those capable of leveraging this actionable intelligence into an everyday business advantage.

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