4/20 is an important day for cannabis consumers and companies alike. April 20th typically marks the cumulation of several marketing campaigns in the space. This year’s celebrations are different due to the impacts of COVID-19, which have rendered CSR initiatives that support local communities more important than ever. 

This 4/20, Canada’s favourite cannabis retailer Superette and Color Cannabis (WeedMD’s flagship recreational brand) have teamed up to create the best kind of “2-for-1 special” to help give back to local diners.

Combo 3 Accessory Package

Superette partnered with the good people at Another Room, a trendy online cannabis accessory retailer, to launch “Combo 3”, which is a hamburger cannabis grinder that’s packaged with Superette accessories. Additional accessories include the Superette’s coveted branded rolling papers and lighters.

Superette planned to offer Another Room’s hamburger grinder in-store at their Wellington location this month, but unfortunately customers are no longer allowed inside for the time being. However, you can still experience some of the fun of a Superette retail experience delivered right to your doorstep.

These “Combo 3” accessory packs are now available for purchase online across North America.

Superette Cannabis Combo 3

Giving Back To The Community

For every Combo 3 that is sold, Color Cannabis will be donating a burger meal at Ottawa’s Wellington Diner and Toronto’s Rosedale Diner. Superette is paying it forward and supporting the small businesses that are the lifeblood of our neighbourhoods.

“Restaurants have been particularly impacted during these challenging times. We were happy to help with Superette in supporting both Wellington Diner and Rosedale Diner. Typically, there is a lot to celebrate in the cannabis space on April 20th. But this year, there is also an inspiring effort across our industry to help out our communities as well. Let's all stay safe, support our local diners and restaurants and enjoy this day responsibly.” - Rich Evans, Sales Manager, WeedMD

Image by Leeor Wild.

The Combo 3 accessory pack is available for purchase starting today (4/20) on Another Room’s website. Shipping across North America.

About The Campaign

Superette’s initial plan for their 4/20 campaign was a recycling competition with another cannabis retailer, Nova Cannabis. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, brick-and-mortar cannabis shops in Ontario have had to pivot exclusively to click-and-collect and delivery services if they wish to remain open. These shops are unable to accept and recycle cannabis packaging until it is safe to do so. Even with these unexpected hurdles, that didn’t stop the creative marketing team at Superette from doing good for the community, as they shifted to this fun yet important campaign with Another Room and Color Cannabis.

“It is no secret that Superette loves being the best neighbour to any community our shop is located in. The Wellington Diner down the street from our flagship is our team’s favourite place to hang after shifts. And our upcoming Summerhill location at 1073 Yonge St is 2 minutes away from the iconic Rosedale Diner. We wanted to give back to the restaurants that were family-owned because, in times of need, we must support all small businesses together. WeedMD & Color Cannabis have been incredible supporters to our retail team through their education sessions and fun customer pop-ups at the store. When I reached out, asking if they wanted to help support our goal of helping the local diners, we got an instant YES! Their commitment to match every Combo 3 sold to a burger meal at Wellington Diner and Rosedale Diner is a simple gesture that will positively impact these businesses today, tomorrow, and a year from now. Thank you to the WeedMD & Color Cannabis team million times over for supporting this fun CSR initiative that was on my post-it note a few weeks ago.” - Thaomy Lam, Events & PR Manager at Superette.

The ADCANN team commends Superette, Color Cannabis and Another Room for executing such a selfless, important and timely campaign.

Images by Leeor Wild.

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