After the incredible continued success of their first location in Ottawa, the beloved retailer Superette recently opened up at 1073 Yonge Street in the Summerhill neighbourhood of Toronto. The award-winning cannabis shop has done it again with their second Ontario location, designing an impressive store modeled after an elevated grocery store that feels like a nostalgic trip back in time. Join us on a tour of Superette Summerhill via some amazing photographs taken by Kayla Rocca.

Superette Toronto Summerhill Cannabis Retail

Superette’s Summerhill Store

There is a huge display of flowers set upright as you enter that is divided into Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Each of these bouquets is meant to mimic picking a flower from a bodega and each scent pod has an air release when it is pulled, which allows customers to examine and smell strains before purchasing. “Stop and smell the flowers” takes on a whole new meaning when you visit their Summerhill shop.

Visually appealing installations like Superette’s flower wall are vital to keeping consumers engaged while in-store. Everything inside of this location is “Instagrammable”, which encourages sharing on social media and word-of-mouth between friends. The Superette team understands the importance of good design and exceptional customer experience better than any other cannabis retail chain in the country.

Superette Summerhill Baskets

Their Summerhill location also features Superette’s signature red and green shopping baskets. These baskets signal if a customer needs assistance (represented by the green baskets) or if they prefer not to chat (represented by the red baskets). This is a simple but genius innovation that allows their budtenders to instantly understand their customer’s needs and address them accordingly.

Superette Summerhill Fridges

The shop’s atmosphere is both warm and inviting as well as clean and modern. The lighting is bright and the colours are vibrant and playful. The coffin coolers help teach their customers that cannabis should be a part of the experience from the get-go and allows them to start shopping in a more traditional sense by brand/packaging.

There are several aisles stocked with beautiful and interesting brands such as Pure Beauty, Laundry Day Rosemary Home, Gatorbeug, and Fundamental Berlin, which is a big differentiation from the other dispensaries who only carry the same brands form the OCS.

This is the type of store you could easily spend hours inside of, with something new and exciting around every corner. Ultimately, you get the sense that this store is hip and cool without trying – it’s authentic.

Superette and Rosedale Diner

As a brand that’s known for supporting CSR initiatives, Superette’s new Toronto location is also equipped with a “Burger Phone” that speed dials the Rosedale Diner (which is just up the street) and recommends ordering the Classic Rosedale Burger. The diner will begin making your food while you wait for your cannabis order to be processed so that no time is wasted. This is a great partnership opportunity as Superette patrons can order their dinner ahead of time and support a small local restaurant that has been a staple in the community since 1978, which is especially important during these challenging times.

Superette Launches Jumping Jack 510 Vape Cartridge & Battery

Along with the opening of their new store, Superette has also recently announced a product launch with their Jumping Jack 510 Vape & Battery. This Superette-branded vape pen and cartridge is made in collaboration with Fume Labs and The Blinc Group and is the first in a future line of products.

Jumping Jack 510 0.5g cartridge is created using C02-extracted distillate, natural terpenes and is a true representation of a single strain Jack Herer x Super Silver Haze cross. The product has been approved by the AGLC and will be available for sale in private retailers across Alberta this month and in other provinces beginning in the fall.

Superette Cannabis Retailer Vape

The Expansion of Superette

While the company is based in Toronto, this will be their first location in the city. 

“Opening in Toronto is an incredible milestone, and we are so excited to bring Superette to Canada’s largest market,” said CEO and co-founder, Mimi Lam, in a recent press release. “Retail is our first step in building an immersive brand experience, and we are establishing the foundation for a prudent expansion of Superette across Canada and beyond.”

Superette has another 2 new Toronto-based locations and 1 new Ottawa-based location planned to open within the next few months. The company is well poised to capture a large part of the Canadian retail market and will continue to grow in an amicable, ethical, and strategic manner. Additionally, the company’s move into branded products will likely be very successful as they continue to create brand loyalty through exceptional retail experiences. This ability to completely immerse their consumer in their brand and communicate with them directly is an advantage that most Licensed Producers do not possess.

Superette Summerhill Counter

Visit Superette Today

With their community in mind, Superette has implemented additional safety and sanitation measures. All of their stores undergo daily deep cleaning to sanitize surfaces, door handles, payment touchpads, and other high-touch areas. 

The chain’s newest location is conveniently located along Yonge Street in between Bloor Street and St Clair Avenue. 1073 Yonge Street is open for an in-store shopping experience as well as Click & Collect. Hours of operation are:

  • Monday to Wednesday 10am-8pm
  • Thursday to Saturday 10am-9pm
  • Sunday 10am-7pm. 

Don’t frequent the Summerhill area? Don’t fret. Superette’s planned future locations include:

– 49 Spadina Ave (Toronto)

– 994 Dundas Street West (Toronto) 

– 852 Bank Street (Ottawa)

Want to see more? Of course, you do! Check out their Instagram for more.

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