As many of the larger Canadian cannabis companies continue to struggle – smaller, quality, and consumer-focused craft producers are taking their market share. The latest brand to launch in this category is Sugarbud, an Alberta-based craft cannabis company focused on the cultivation and production of superior, small-batch cannabis products.

Sugarbud recently announced the launch of their Craft Cannabis Collection which is now available in Saskatchewan and will soon be available in Alberta and British Columbia.

Sugarbud’s Approach to Craft Cannabis

Sugarbud is dedicated to growing and producing exceptional cannabis from both unique and highly sought-after genetics. The company has a rich library of live genetics to choose from with a real focus on exciting proven cultivars as well as producing exclusive variants and strains grown from seed.

First to launch in the Craft Cannabis Collection will be well-loved cultivars such as Cheese and OG Kush along with Sugarbud’s own exclusive grown from seed variant of the ever-popular Wedding Cake. 

Sugarbud OG Kush presents a well-balanced yet diverse terpene profile that boasts a beautifully complex and stunning aroma. The significant Caryophyllene, Limonene, Farnesene, and Myrcene presence round out this Indica dominant hybrid, highlighted by an initial blast of sweetness followed by floral and slightly citrus dimensions. A unique smooth aroma distinct to classic OG Kush.

Sugarbud Wedding Cake is a prominent example of a Sugarbud exclusive cultivar, phenotyped and grown from seed from their genetic library. This Indica leaning phenotype presents the consumer with a beautiful and complex terpene profile rich in Caryophyllene, Farnesene, and Limonene. Sharp and bold with a competing nose of green apple, pine, and fuel.

Sugarbud Cheese is unlike other Cheese variants and is abundant in Caryophyllene, Alpha and Beta Pinene, and Farnesene. These terpenes combine to present a beautiful sweet crisp aroma with lingering oak, floral undernotes, and a subtle earthiness. 

Consumers can expect to see both 3.5g dried flower and 2 x 0.5g pre-roll formats of all 3 of these strains on retail shelves. Future cultivars planned for release over the coming weeks and months include even more exciting and exclusive higher potency and terpene strains such as PreNup, Bahama Blizzard, Mule Fuel, and Krypto Chronic.

The company’s collection of unique strains has been carefully curated and their buds are hand-cultivated to the highest standards throughout the entire growing cycle. After harvest, their flower is hung to dry over a 14-day period and then cold barrel cured for an additional 14 days. Sugarbud’s signature curing process allows their dried flower to reach its full potential; both in terms of potency and terpenes as well as flavour, aromas, and smooth burn. Sugarbud’s approach to fine cannabis and their Craft Cannabis Collection is one of painstaking craftsmanship and quality at every step. Quite simply taking the time to get the best out of their plants; Sugarbud takes immense pride in everything they grow. Sugarbud’s sole focus and mission is to deliver a memorable product experience that both delights and excites their customers each and every time.

Genetic Diversity and Integrity

The genetic diversity, authenticity, and integrity of Sugarbud’s cultivars are a cornerstone of their value proposition and product leadership strategy. The company believes that a reliable customer experience from batch-to-batch is an essential part of maintaining consumer confidence and trust. They start by phenohunting strains over-vigorous multi-crop evaluations to find the most unique and desirable phenotypes satisfying cultivation methodology, potency, and terpene profiles. From there, Sugarbud works with their genetic partners to ensure that their cultivars remain healthy, robust, and consistent.

Sugarbud’s Brand Philosophy and Logo Design

The Sugarbud Craft Cannabis Collection offers consumers “Hand-Crafted Cannabis for a New Era”. The company is proudly Albertan and is proud to share Western Canada’s long tradition of exceptional craft cannabis with the most discerning of enthusiasts. Sugarbud strives to define the intersection of product quality, craftsmanship, and value in the Canadian craft cannabis space.

Sugarbud branding is clean and modern which aligns with their relentless commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The logo takes inspiration from their past and their Alberta roots. In fact, part of the design of their iconic corporate logo models the shape of the province. The result is a simple yet thoughtful visual aesthetic and identity for the brand – easily recognizable to the consumer and unmistakably Sugarbud.

Sugarbud banner

The brand is dedicated to producing dense full buds with beautiful colours and rich aromas tailored to the customer and meant to fit seamlessly into a consumer’s day. Whether that person is looking for easier days, more restful nights or memorable moments with friends and family, Sugarbud is committed to providing products to meet even the most discerning of customer needs.

Sugarbud branding

We are a proud and passionate group of individuals that all share and contribute towards a common vision and mission. We strive to make a positive difference in people’s lives - to be a well-respected and trusted brand - renowned for bringing superior craft cannabis products to legal markets. Our sole mission is to delight the most discerning cannabis consumer and evolve the way people think about incorporating cannabis into their daily lives. We truly believe that by focusing on - and more importantly - delivering exceptional craft cannabis products to Canadian consumers we can change the current narrative on legal cannabis in Canada for the better.

Sugarbud’s President and Chief Executive Officer, John Kondrosky

Sugarbud’s Craft Cannabis Packaging Strategy

Sugarbud packaging

Consistent with their brand and focus on exceptional cannabis products, Sugarbud has considered every last detail to maintain the purity and presentation of their product. For this reason, the company made the decision to launch with reusable and recyclable glass jars that are designed to optimally preserve the moisture and freshness of their dried flowers.

The jars are sleek and aesthetically pleasing, immediately attracting consumer’s attention in a retail environment. The compact shape and smooth delicate lines help protect and reduce any unwanted breakup of the delicate buds. Sugarbud understands that enthusiasts and discerning consumers typically prefer glass packaging over plastic, especially for premium craft buds.

The Future of Craft Cannabis in Canada

Craft cannabis

Craft cannabis will continue to rise in Canada over the next decade. High-quality craft offerings are the key to transitioning discerning cannabis consumers from the legacy market to the regulated market. Brands like Sugarbud that have a commitment to and understanding of exceptional genetic selection and high-end growing practices are well-positioned to succeed in the coming years. 

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