RIFF is back, in a big way. Tilray’s iconic premium lifestyle cannabis brand RIFF recently implemented a new product launch strategy that will allow them to bring the very best in Canadian cannabis to consumers via partnerships with some of Canada’s most talented craft growers.

RIFF Limited Series

The brand’s new products, known as “rotational SKUs”, allow RIFF to quickly and efficiently rotate and substitute different genetics under one product listing. Rotational SKUs simplify the product listing process, allowing RIFF to launch a larger number of small batch craft strains throughout the year. 

RIFF’s Limited Series is a curated collection of top-shelf genetics with rare and sought-after terpene profiles. These strains are exclusively grown in single-strain rooms with craft production and finishing techniques. The growers selected for this program utilize slow hang drying methods, delicate hand-trimming and a gentle curing approach.  

RIFF offers a wide selection of cannabis products including flower, pre-rolled joints and vapes with various new formats coming soon. This Limited Series is an important addition to the brand’s assortment, allowing them to continue establishing themselves as a leader in top shelf Canadian cannabis

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RIFF’s Orbital Indica & Crossfade Sativa

This new premium craft portfolio will fall into two SKU buckets – Orbital Indica and Crossfade Sativa. The first two Orbital Indica releases include Cherry Moon Pie (available in Ontario) and Purple Cotton Candy (available in BC, Alberta and Quebec). The first two Crossfade Sativa releases include Melonaide (available in Ontario, BC and Quebec) and Juicy Fruit (available in Alberta). 

Crossfade Melonaide is a powerful Sativa that typically tests between 22-28% THC. Experience flavours of sour citrus, sweet melon and pungent spice from this cross of Watermelon Zkittlez x Lemon Tree. Orbital Cherry Moon Pie is an Indica-dominant hybrid that tests between 22-28% THC and offers aromas of sour cherries, ripe peaches, and skunk. 

The sativa-dominant Crossfade Juicy Fruit tests at 22-28% THC and offers fruity flavours reminiscent of plums and tangy pineapples. This strain was born by crossing two landrace cultivars – Afghani x Thai. Orbital Purple Cotton Candy is a relaxing Indica that crosses Grand Daddy Purps with Cotton Candy Kush. This Indica-dominant hybrid offers grape, lavender and skunk flavours.

RIFF’s Limited Series Launch Campaign

A series of exclusive events were implemented across Toronto to celebrate the launch of these new strains. A celebratory dinner at Bar St. Lo invited a number of influencers, journalists and cannabis community members (including ADCANN’s own Cody Hicks) to learn more about the latest RIFF products. A party at AMPM, a club in the city’s West End, featured a line-up of artists curated by Universal Music Canada (including famous Canadian DJ Skratch Bastid) and created substantial hype ahead of the brand’s Limited Series launch. RIFF’s Orbital Indica and Crossfade Sativa premium strains have managed to make a big splash in the Canadian market, assisted by meaningful PR and marketing strategies. 

Canadian Craft Cannabis

The Canadian cannabis market is seeing a shift towards two main categories – commodity and craft. Value “budget” brands that offer mid-grade cannabis at low prices have gained significant market share in the country. However, craft cannabis brands that offer premium, small-batch product are also winning the hearts (and wallets) of consumers. RIFF has long recognized the trend towards craft cannabis and has partnered with a thoughtfully-selected lineup of talented micro-producers to offer small batch products at scale.

RIFF Cannabis Brand

RIFF is one of the very first recreational brands to be launched in the Canadian landscape by Aphria back in 2018. The brand gained a reputation in its early days for supporting creatives and cannabis connoisseurs through a variety of artist showcases and community events. As time passed, Aphria merged with leading global cannabis-lifestyle and consumer packaged goods company, Tilray, to create Tilray Brands. RIFF has adapted and evolved but the brand’s commitment to quality cannabis and encouraging creativity has remained unchanged.

For more information about RIFF, check out their website or follow them on Instagram @whatisRIFF.

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