The infused edible game is evolving in the Canadian legal market, with hundreds of new SKUs launching each quarter. The release of one cheeky new gummy product in particular has retailers and consumers talking. Although the product isn’t even available for purchase yet, it’s safe to say that “Glazed Banana Penis Soft Chews” and “Cola Penis Gummy Soft Chews” by Censored Edibles™ are making a splash. 

Censored Edibles™ is a joint venture with the Loosh Brands team, who are responsible for other 2.0 brands such as A-Ha!, Care By Design, and Steeprock Funtional Coffee. They aim to create the best-tasting edibles on the market in formulations that will “put a grin on anyone’s face.” They have promised that in addition to their penis-shaped edibles, they will be launching “booby” and “booty” shaped edibles in the near future as well.

The Pillowtalk of the Cannabis Community

Budtenders and consumers on online platforms including Instagram, Twitter and Reddit are discussing the upcoming drop of these products with mixed opinions. The general consensus seems to be that these products are novel, exciting and will sell well for a variety of reasons. There are some detractors but any new, controversial, risk-taking brand and product should expect that. 

In an industry where you can’t buy billboards, television ads or other mainstream media advertising – creating word of mouth must be done through product quality and uniqueness. Censored Edibles™ has received more online buzz before their product even hit the provincial wholesaler than most edible companies could dream of generating over months in the market. 

Censored Edibles™ positions these edibles as “perfect for bachelorette/bachelor and adult birthday parties, bridal shower games/gifts, wedding favours/gifts, funny/personalized gifts, LGBTQS2+, and more. This is a MUST HAVE for fun, flirty and fabulous nights out (or in).”

We spoke with Sarah Kulbatski, the Co-Founder of Censored Edibles™ to find out more about the brand and the inspiration and marketing strategy behind the penis product launch.

Censored Edibles™, niche, artisanal premium infused novelty edibles, were created to put a smile on people’s faces. With so much talk about the products and brands that appeal to kids, these are Adult products by Adults for Adults and will definitely “raise an eyebrow” and/or put a grin on anybody's face!

Novelty ‘niche’ adult products are gaining a mainstream position in the sexual wellness industry, with their growing popularity amongst all age groups. The influence of pop culture, liberalization and penetration of social media, have resulted in increasing awareness about the importance of sexual health.

Censored Edibles™ is pushing societal conversation and breaking down taboos. The stores are age gated, people should be prepared for "adult" products. Cannabis and sex have gone hand in hand since the dawn of time and we are bringing fun and kinky products to the consumer.

Current available products have failed to address actual use cases, where your product might be the obvious choice over others. We are here to fill a niche and carve out our white space in the market as we grow the creativity and differentiation of the offerings and are proud to push the conversation forward.

We believe life is a party, and you should live it accordingly!

Stiff Competition

The consumer insights behind this product were likely informed from industries external to cannabis. The infamous “” has been selling bags of phallic-shaped non-infused candy for several years. While “” provides chocolate penises and encourages buyers to prank their friends and tell them to “eat a dick” (a woman recently sued the company for a delivery she didn’t find humorous). 

Under The Cannabis Act, companies cannot create or promote products that depict a person or character, whether real or fictional. This has resulted in gummy bears and Sour Patch kid-type designs being banned from the legal market in Canada. However, it can be argued that one body part (be that a hand, foot or penis) is not necessarily depicting a person, but just part of a person, and can creatively remain compliant. One of the main concerns of The Cannabis Act is not appealing to children. By creating explicitly mature, adult-focused products like this – Censored Edibles™ is able to remain compliant while also causing a stir and generating awareness.

Future Product Plans

The Censored Edibles™ lineup has received incredible early feedback. We are here for all occasions, from gags to bachelorette parties to lgbtq2+ communities. We know this line has stickiness and staying power and a rightful place on store shelves long-term.

Regarding future product plans, we have additional shapes rolling out in Ontario in the summer and have a variety of product innovations and extensions in the pipeline as the market matures.

We are excited on what the future holds, as we strongly believe that Not all edibles are created equal. Who says recreational cannabis products can't be fun!

What are your thoughts on these new Censored Edibles™? Tweet us at @adcannca and let us know! 

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