Organigram’s best selling brand SHRED has launched yet another first-of-its-kind innovative cannabis product into the Canadian marketplace. This article will explore the consumer insights and marketing strategy behind the launch of their new SHRED X Rip-Strip hash concentrate product.

SHRED and Milled Flower

SHRED and Organigram have long been known for launching trend-setting products in various formats. The brand essentially created and popularized the milled flower category in the legal market. The name “Shred” is synonymous with all milled flower products in the same way the word “Kleenex” is frequently used to reference all facial tissues. This is an achievement that not many product formulation and marketing teams have been able to achieve in the Canadian cannabis industry.

When SHRED launched milled flower in September of 2020, it was going against the grain by offering a high-quality, flavour forward product that featured +18% potency with no shake and no added terpenes. Since launch SHRED’s milled flower have grown to be the 3 best-selling SKUs in the Canadian Cannabis category (according to HiFyre, Sept 2022 – Feb 2023).

Eric Williams, Senior Director of Marketing at Organigram

When looking at this data, it’s obvious that Organigram’s bet on innovation in this area paid off.  Even when others bet against them and the milled flower category in general. Their team performed market and consumer research to identify a white space of opportunity where no other brand had been willing to go. SHRED’s milled flower and their related 14-pack 0.5g pre-rolls shook up the Canadian marketplace and made an undeniable impact.

Shred Flower

Edison Jolts and Extract Edibles

Organigram was one of the first Licensed Producers to identify and take advantage of the “cannabis extracts” loophole. In Canada, products classified as “edibles” are subject to strict restrictions of 10mg of THC per packager. However, ingestible “extracts” (products that can be taken/eaten orally but do not contain sugar and are not an edible) are not subject to the same potency regulations. 

Organigram’s flagship premium brand, Edison, launched a product known as “Jolts”  in August of 2021, reinventing the idea of an “ingestible extract”. Jolts are ten packs of pleasant tasting lozenges that contain 10mg of THC each for a total of 100mg per package. These products “combine the benefits of sublingual oil with the convenience and portability of softgels”. Jolts quickly became popular among consumers looking for a stronger kick from an “edible”-like product. Many other companies were inspired by Edison’s brave exploration into ingestible extracts, with several similar SKUs launching over the following years. It’s safe to say that Organigram helped define and popularize this new innovative product category in Canada.

Edison Jolts

SHRED X Rip-Strip Hash

Continuing this impressive trend of innovation, Organigram has now set its sights on revolutionizing the hashish category with their new SHRED Rip-Strip Hash packs. 

“Organigram is now taking our best selling SHRED brand and disrupting a brand new category, by doing hash in the SHRED way. Designed for a new generation of hash users, this botanical terpene-infused hash is unlike any other on the market.” 

This new product is 10 combined pre-cut strips of hash that equal 2g in total. Toted as the most convenient hashish product on the market, this offering allows consumers to easily roll their own infused pre-rolls and control their dosage of consumption. 

Organigram is once again betting on innovation and the “new generation of hash consumer” – defining a new category, new consumer and new method of consumption. With milled flower and ingestible extracts, Organigram created and popularized entire categories among previously non-existing consumer groups. They have the opportunity to do the same with this new rip-strip hash product. 

With this new product, the brand invites their consumers to “RIP IT, STRIP IT AND GO!”

Shred Hash

Innovation in the Cannabis Industry

As more growers, brands and companies flood the Canadian marketplace – thoughtful innovation has become more important than ever. For brands to differentiate themselves and survive in this competitive economy, they must establish unique selling points and continue to innovate. We applaud Organigram and similar companies for pushing the boundaries and creating a better cannabis industry for all.

Thank you to cannabis marketing Trailblazer Eric Williams from Organigram for sharing his insights.

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