Sunday Market x Bogart’s Kitchen presents the first Cannabis Act-compliant Out of Home advertising campaign to be featured at Yonge-Dundas Square for the launch of their new THC-infused maple syrup product.

Innovative edible cannabis brand Bogart’s Kitchen is celebrating the timely launch of their THC-infused maple syrup (a first-of-its-kind product in the Canadian legal market) with a holiday-themed Out Of Home marketing campaign situated just north of Yonge-Dundas square in downtown Toronto. In collaboration with their flower brand, Divvy, Bogart’s Kitchen’s “Have a Weird Winter” campaign has turned the front of the Tokyo Smoke cannabis retail store at 333 Yonge Street into a billboard for their infused products alongside other products in the company’s portfolio.

Have A Weird Winter Cannabis Billboard

The “billboard” is visually holiday-focused, with one large Christmas tree and several smaller Christmas trees that are decorated with product packaging from the Divvy and Bogart’s Kitchen brands. Their hot sauce bottles (in collaboration with Heartbeat Hotsauce, the official hot sauce of the UFC and made in Thunderbay, ON) hang from the roof of the interior. Infused maple syrup bottles and hot sauce bottles act as ornaments, lining the vibrant orange pine trees throughout the installation. The background of the image features doodles and drawings that encapsulate the playfulness and authenticity of the Divvy brand. The brand’s logos along with text that reads “HAVE A WEIRD WINTER” is displayed on the glass for all of Yonge Street to see. A wacky twist on the traditional holiday red & green. The slime green colour symbolizes both Divvy & Bogart’s Kitchen, the doodles represent Divvy while the orange notes are Bogart’s Kitchen. This display is located directly beside the entrance of Tokyo Smoke’s flagship location, a large cannabis retail chain that was formerly owned by Canopy Growth Corporation. 

This campaign appears to be one of the first, if not the first, compliant Out Of Home marketing campaigns for a cannabis brand at Yonge-Dundas square. Many worldwide renowned brands treat Yonge and Dundas as the primary location in Canada to show off their latest marketing and advertising. With over 100,000 people visiting the intersection on a daily basis, the “Have A Weird Winter” campaign will undoubtedly have an impact. This is also the first time that Tokyo Smoke on Yonge Street has allowed a brand to take over the front of its store for marketing purposes. 

Bogart’s Kitchen Cannabis-Infused Maple Syrup

This Grade A amber maple syrup is produced by one of the original Quebec families responsible for the province’s legendary syrup-producing reputation. Small batch made with care in Northern Quebec and combined with 10mg of THC per bottle (the maximum legal limit for edible products). Bogart’s Kitchen suggests trying this syrup with pancakes, sausages and “anything else you deem a great partner”. The 40ml bottle is enough for about a  stack of four Eggo waffles.

THC-Infused Maple Syrup Retail Marketing Campaign

To celebrate the launch of their “Have A Weird Winter” campaign and the release of their THC-infused maple syrup, Bogart’s Kitchen x Divvy x Sunday’s Market hosted an event at the 333 Tokyo Smoke location that allowed over 350 customers to try their (non-infused) hot sauce and maple syrup on free complimentary chicken and waffles. The brand chose the perfect dish (chicken and waffles) to combine both of their edible sauce offerings. To compliment the food, Dope Cocktails founded by Adrian Stein created three mocktails that matched the terpene profiles of the infused products.

  •  Friendly Fire: Inspired by Heartbeat Hot Sauce’s Pineapple Habanero, Red Habanero, and Jalapeno 
  •  Pineapple Dank & Stormy: Inspired by Divvy Pineapple Nuken Pre-Rolls 
  •  Blue Razz Holidaze: Inspired by Divvy’s Blue Razz 510 Vape   

In addition to Tokyo Smoke’s activation, Bogart’s Kitchen will be activating at Ghost Drops’ flagship retail store at 1184 Queen Street West in downtown Toronto. Ghost Drops is one of Canada’s most recognizable cannabis brands and is the number one selling premium cannabis brand in Ontario.

Not in Toronto? Here’s some retailers carrying maple syrup:

  • Edmonton: Lucid Cannabis
  • Calgary: 13th Floor Cannabis 
  • Ottawa: Unplug Cannabis Co & Purple Meadow 
  • Oshawa: Old West Cannabis 
  • Sudbury: Lost Lake 
  • Scarborough: Stok’d 
  • Thunderbay: J. Supply Co 

Overall, this campaign was thoroughly planned and executed. Bogart’s Kitchen continues to bring avant-garde, cutting-edge consumable products to the legal market in Canada while supporting those launches with thoughtful marketing and PR campaigns. Learn more about Bogart’s Kitchen and Sunday Market here:

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