The OCS recently released their sales data for its first fiscal year of commercial operations. A total of approximately 35,100,000 grams of cannabis were sold, with flower making up for 79% of sales by volume.

Cannabis 2.0 products that launched into the market in Q4 sold very well, but similar to the launch of legalization, the offering from Licensed Producers was initially fairly narrow. The data demonstrates consumer enthusiasm, but it will likely take some time for identifiable trends to emerge.

We’ve already analyzed the branding for vape pens, concentrates, beverages, and edibles that were rolled out as cannabis 2.0 products.

Here’s a look at some of the trends in the Ontario cannabis industry when it comes to the most popular products and brands.

Popular Cannabis Product Categories

Dried flower was the most popular product, with 2,780,000 grams being sold.

Pre-rolls were the next best with 3,170,000 grams being sold.

Oils were third, with 2,390,000 grams being sold.

Capsules were fourth, with 610,000 grams being sold.

Edibles were fifth, with 530,000 grams sold.

OCS Cannabis Product Categories

Popular Cannabis Brands

Dried Flower

  1. Aurora
  2. San Rafael ’71
  3. Redecan


  1. Aurora
  2. Tweed
  3. Flowr


  1. Solei
  2. Redecan
  3. Edison


  1. Tweed
  2. Aurora
  3. Redecan


  1. Aurora Drift
  2. Foray
  3. Bhang


  1. Haven St.
  2. Everie
  3. Tweed


  1. Redecan
  2. San Rafael ’71
  3. Kolab Project


  1. Canna Farms
  2. Original Stash
  3. JWC
OCS Popular Cannabis Brands

Be aware that the data ends in March 31, 2020. Many 2.0 products including more edibles and beverages have been introduced to the Ontario market between April and June. The data would look much different if we were to account for the last two months. For instance, Haven St. is likely the top beverage brand because their teas were the first and only “beverage” product on the market for many months.

The following data does not reflect the change in purchasing behaviours associated with COVID-19, as the lockdowns were only beginning at the end of March. There was initially a spike in edible and non-combustible products, according to U.S. cannabis market research. Next year’s report will give us a much better understanding of the popularity of 2.0 products among Canadians.

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