American cannabis retailer MedMen has teamed up with award-winning film director Spike Jonze to create a short film that chronicles the history of cannabis in America from “counter-culture to just culture”. The film is co-written by and stars famous actor Jesse Williams.

The company launched a 360-degree approach to The New Normal campaign, which includes spots on connected TV networks (including Bravo, CBS Sports Network, Oxygen, MSNBC, Lifetime and Food Network), 80+ out of home assets, print ads (including national ad placements in Rolling Stone and US Weekly), Sirius XM, native integrations with Complex, podcasts and terrestrial radio, digital, pre-roll and programmatic ads. MedMen will also be advertising for the first time in hundreds of movie theatres across California, Nevada, and Michigan.

MedMen CMO David Dancer told Adweek “We had a desire to create a commercial with a profound message. Our core value is around ensuring that people can lead safe, happy, healthy lives with cannabis being a part of it. … Here we wanted to not only de-stigmatize and normalize but really, as you’ll see in the spot, highlight what has been unjust about the treatment of cannabis whether it is stop-and-frisk and unjust criminalization, whether it is this propaganda in Reefer Madness, quite frankly leading to the Schedule One classification of cannabis as a federally illegal substance sitting next to heroin.”

Dancer said the film has been in the works for roughly four months. The company worked to make sure that everyone involved with the spot had a tie to cannabis.

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