Canada’s first company to extract natural terpenes

One of the main reasons many consume cannabis is to enjoy the vast array of different flavours that the plant provides. The different tastes and aromas found in cannabis are primarily a result of the plant’s terpene profile. A large number of consumers find that vaping their cannabis or cannabis extract results in a smoother, more full-flavoured experience when compared to smoking.  Although further research into the long-term health implications of vaping is still needed, it’s widely accepted that vaping is a safer and healthier option than smoking. Vaping cannabis doesn’t combust plant matter, therefore you aren’t inhaling any potentially harmful smoke.

Fume is the first and only Canadian company to extract cannabis-derived terpenes through a proprietary solventless method.

For those still new to terpenes, they’re found in every plant. Their purpose is to ward off pests or attract pollinators. For humans, we desire them for aroma and flavour. Some of the most common terpenes would be limonene, myrcene, linalool and pinene. These terps are associated with flavours like lemon, mango, lavender and pine. 

Since legalizations, LPs have been finding ways to preserve and enhance the terpene content in their cannabis-using different methods. Cannabis extracts are bringing the vaping movement to the next level, delivering quick, clean and flavourful pulls.

Have you ever opened a jar of cannabis and wished you could bottle up that smell? If you answered yes, you’re in the right place.

The difference between terpene and botanical vape cartridges

Terpenes are a big deal to Canadian consumers. According to Fume, terps can dissipate if exposed to oxygen. Some companies on the market have added botanically derived terpenes to the extract to give it more flavour and save money. The potential result is a lower-quality product with a harsher pull.  It’s better to use a vape cartridge with the pure source material and no cheap additives.

Analyzing popular products from the California market

In California, the legal market is all about high-quality flower and smooth flavour. The best-selling cannabis vape cartridges in California are CO2 full-spectrum with all-natural terpenes. 

Cobra Extracts uses CO2, producing what Forbes and High Times magazine called a gourmet flavour without additives. Winning 1st place at the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup for best vape cartridge, with Bruce Banner being their top-selling cartridge.

AbsoluteXtracts or ABX is another popular cannabis producer in California using a CO2 extraction. Sour Diesel, being their top-selling vape cartridges. ABX uses their extracts to get more terp flavour into a large variety of edibles and drinkables. They have a non-alcoholic infused beer line called Hifi Hops.

Natural Terpenes Extraction

The gap in Canadian products

The gap in Canada’s vape cartridges is a product delivering all the plant benefits of cannabis with a pure and natural flavour. As cannabis consumption trends are changing, consumers are still looking for vapes with high THC content. Due to this demand, producers are lowering the quality of the cannabis by further drying it until it has little moisture or terpenes. The result is a lower-quality product with a high THC percentage.

Fume Labs is bridging the gap

At Fume, their extraction process is strain-dependent to match the best product format to maximize consumer experience. The preservation of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids allows us to maximize the flavour profile and best effect.

It’s so unfortunate that most consumers are still looking at THC and CBD content thinking that’s the best indicator of experience when it’s other compounds that are responsible for modulating the experience.

Fume solvent

Here’s a look at Fume’s four-step process to get the most out of their cannabis

STEP 1: Carefully select the cannabis and extract the terpenes using a solventless method.

STEP 2: Use a full-spectrum CO2 process to extract the cannabinoid oil. After the extraction, the crude oil is cooled to cryogenic temperatures.

STEP 3: Use the process of winterization; it removes the fats and waxes from the extract. 

STEP 4: Add back the terpenes that were extracted from STEP 1. The natural terpenes are re-introduced to the full spectrum oil in the final stages to give the oil a full and authentic flavour.

The CO2 full spectrum extraction process is guaranteed to get the most flavour out of the flower. FUME believes that the capacity to convey the essence of a cannabis plant’s distinct profile into the end product determines the worth of an extract. 

We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of solventless and solvent-based extraction in the pursuit of making the best extracts on the market.

Fume’s signature extracts such as their popular Dark Helmet 510 Cartridge (sweet lime, and pepper terpenes) extract is available in select cannabis retailers in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba.

Fume Package Fume Cart

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