The Canadian cannabis industry recently experienced a huge win in Mississauga, Ontario, as the city has approved the opening of its first regulated brick-and-mortar stores. Both of the first two locations belong to the same chain of cannabis retail stores, Pop’s Cannabis.

The First Two Cannabis Stores to Open in Mississauga

  • Pop’s Cannabis at 960 Southdown Rd Unit C7 in the Clarkson area located in the Clarkson Crossing Plaza conveniently moments away from the Clarkson GO Station.
  • Pop’s Cannabis at 1125 Bloor Street in the Applewood Hills neighbourhood.
Pop's Cannabis store

The Importance of Mississauga Approving Legal Cannabis Retail

Mississauga’s decision to allow legal cannabis stores marks a significant shift, as the city had previously chosen not to embrace cannabis retail due to concerns regarding zoning and control. For five years since legalization, Mississauga’s 800,000 residents and additional visitors have had to source their cannabis from nearby Milton, Toronto or Brampton, or resort to the illicit market. Mississauga’s cannabis market represents a large economic opportunity as it is the second-largest city in the Greater Toronto Area and the third-largest in Ontario.

The arrival of legal cannabis stores is a momentous occasion for residents who no longer need to venture outside the city for a licensed cannabis shopping experience. Every time a region that previously prohibited cannabis retail opens up for business, the legal cannabis industry grows a bit bigger and stronger while more dollars are converted from the illicit market into tax revenue.

Pop’s Cannabis: The First Two Stores in Mississauga

Pop’s Cannabis is one of Ontario’s largest cannabis retail chains with 27 locations and growing. Pop’s is all about convenience, inviting their customers to “pop in and pop out”. With a great selection of products, a “Culture Club” membership program and passionate staff members – it’s clear why Pop’s is one of the top retail banners in the province. 

The first Pop’s location in Mississauga opened in the Clarkson area on Friday, May 26th to an eager crowd of locals and supporters who eagerly awaited the unveiling of this historic store. Other businesses in the local strip mall expressed their excitement with the first cannabis store in the region moving in next door.

Pops Cannabis

It is an impressive feat for Pop’s to receive not only the first license in Mississauga but the first TWO licenses. This speaks to their legal diligence through the standard application process, ensuring compliance and meeting all the necessary requirements. Their team worked swiftly with the city to secure their position. Their success sets the stage for future cannabis retailers, hinting at a promising landscape for cannabis consumers in Mississauga.

The Future of Cannabis Retail in Mississauga and Canada

Currently, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) lists 19 applications for cannabis stores in Mississauga with two fully approved. Other notable cannabis retailers are also eyeing Mississauga as a potential market for expansion. High Tide, the parent company of the Canna Cabana chain, has three applications currently in progress for their Mississauga locations. Other popular brands such as The Woods, True North Cannabis Co, Runway Pot and Buzzed Buds all have active applications within the region.

Mississauga cannabis retail applications

Active applications for cannabis stores in Mississauga

As Mississauga embraces the establishment of legal cannabis stores, it sets the stage for future opportunities in the industry. Many brands are headquartered or have growing and processing facilities based in Mississauga. This allows these brands to engage and activate at stores in their own backyard. With Pop’s Cannabis leading the way, Mississauga’s decision to join the legal cannabis retail market not only benefits consumers but also creates a positive impact on the local community and economy.



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