The Canadian cannabis industry has always looked to the mature California market to see the next trends in cultivars and culture. Recently, the script was flipped when retired NFL legend, Marshawn Lynch, reached out to his friends and family in Toronto to help him craft his new brand of blunts, Dodi. Working with his cannabis branding gurus Jeff Goldenberg and Corey Way, who founded Toronto-based 2nd and Goal Ventures.

Marshawn’s collaborative approach with his family north of the border helped him create something that stands out from popular LA brands and is unique for Northern California. Jeff worked closely with Marshawn on developing the brand and blend of cannabis. Jeff has worked in the cannabis industry since Canadian legalization, helping to develop popular brands such as Daize Vapes and Kingsway.

With our mission to bring sports and cannabis cultures together, you couldn't ask for a better or more authentic partner than Marshawn. He brings a ton of creativity, loads of engagement and energy and deep knowledge of the marketplace.

Jeff Goldenberg, Founder at 2nd and Goal Ventures

Getting Blunt About Terpenes

After months of research and development, the Dodi blunt launched as a two-gram infused cigar-style blunt. Machine rolled to perfection, the cannabis is infused with THCA diamonds and wrapped in tobacco-free hemp paper. What’s the difference between THC and THCA crystalline? The difference is THCA turns into THC when lit, you get a cleaner hit with maximum potency. Dodi seals the blunts in a protective, reusable tube. This keeps them fresh and airtight.

The delivery is sweet and smooth hits that burn slow. The flavour resembles grape gelato, tropical citrus, and gassy-diesel notes. The flower is perfectly selected for watching afternoon football, social occasions, or playing your favourite video games. Dodi Blunts come in at a whopping 38% THC content. When you hit a Dodi, be ready for supreme relaxation. They won’t give away their full cannabis recipe, but it includes Rickey Sticky. A hybrid flower inspired by Oakland Athletics, Rickey Henderson.

We crafted Dodi to be authentically Oakland and an extension of Marshawn. We took inspiration from Oakland landmarks and historic graphics, gave them a modern feel, and crafted a system within cannabis that was our own. We wanted this to be the brand we always wished existed.

Corey Way, Creative Director at 2nd and Goal Ventures
Dodi Blunts

Oakland’s Finest Cannabis Brand

What makes Dodi different from other celebrity cannabis brands? Marshawn is creating innovative cannabis products that connects with consumers. Not just slapping a label on something already produced. Dodi was created at the street level, not the board room. 

Marshawn is all about sharing with consumers the cannabis experience that he and his friends like to enjoy. Even the brand name Dodi is made-up cannabis lingo that he and his friends came up with years ago. With the flower grown and rolled in Oakland, Marshawn is looking to change the stigma of cannabis for the community and athletes.

His mission is to give back to the people of Oakland, providing jobs and a platform for social justice. Marshawn is an ambassador of Fam 1st Family Foundation and Last Prisoner Project. He’s helping expunge cannabis records, raise money and awareness for local causes, and support local arts and culture.

In Oakland, we like to flip and twist shit into our own words. We basically create our own language. There’s “that stunk” or that “Ooh-wee” or “summa that good-good”—you know all types of names that they can call the tree, marijuana. Me and my cousins was fucking around and mutha fucka pull up like… You got some of that Dodi?
And from then it’s been Dodi for me.

Marshawn Lynch, Retired Football Player and Founder of Dodi Blunts
Dodi Blunts Oakland Cannabis

Dodi’s Product Blitz

The future of Dodi looks bright, selling out at their first release on 4/20. Batch #2 is launching on July 10 and will be bigger and bolder, going from 4 cannabis stores to 25. On August 10, Dodi is bringing more flavours with Batch #3 in a dope collaboration with Peakz

Their next product iterations include limited edition blunts, different flavour profiles, selling unrolled flower, and collaborating with other athletes. Also launching soon is Dodi Supply Co, a one-stop-shop for all your cannabis accessory needs and Dodi branded clothing. Marshawn even has his own Dodi Blunt NFTs on Opensea.

Dodi is helping craft the Northern California culture, creating something that stands out from other brands across the US. Marshawn Lynch wants consumers to get a taste of Oakland vibes when they hit his blunts, creating an experience his consumers will crave.



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