Canada’s leader in cannabis B2B is back again – this year’s Lift & Co. Convention is bigger and more ambitious than ever! Across the four days, industry experts will be connecting to discuss both the cannabis and psychedelic industry with full days planned for both consumers and industry experts. This year boasts a plethora of speakers, brands, and experts across a variety of panels. Canada’s biggest cannabis conference is back and more exciting than ever.

Lift & Co. is coming to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre’s North Building from November 18th till the 21st – grab your tickets here.

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What You Can Expect

November 18th is the Cannabis Business Conference, where business leaders, innovators, and regulators are all meeting to share their perspectives and approaches on the most important and contentious issues facing the sector today. The day will feature session topics such as Industry Economics, Marketing, and many other elements across the cannabis space.

The following day, November 19th is the Lift Industry Day! This exclusive meeting is an industry-only trade show featuring a variety of presentations to start meaningful discussions that build relationships while simultaneously creating opportunities and chances for collaboration. This all-professional day will feature topics such as Business Growth, Product Innovations, Recruiting Talent, and plenty of opportunities to network with fellow industry professionals.

November 20th seeks to look at the horizon, diving deep into the future of psychedelics as their own industry. The Lift Psychedelics Business Summit gathers business leaders, researchers, and medical practitioners to gather and examine the emergence of new and proposed therapies for psychedelics while looking at the opportunities for patients, healthcare workers, and businesses alike. Based on the 2020 Lift & Co Expo in Vancouver, this full day will provide sessions on topics such as Business Strategies, Patient Breakthroughs, and Psychedelic Trailblazers who seek to push the coming psychedelic renaissance.

The final days of the convention are the Lift Consumer Days; a day where all recreational and medical patients can explore, learn, and connect with the more than 200 exhibitors from Canada & the rest of the world! While offering the opportunity for cannabis brands and suppliers to discover the changing consumer trends, it also features sessions on topics such as Aging & Beauty, Parenting, Investing, and Love & Romance. Across the two days, November 20th & 21st, consumers will have the chance to learn and connect alongside the brands that make this industry great.

With endless topics, exhibitors, and opportunities – this is an event one will not want to miss. For full details and event summaries, please check out Lift & Co. here.

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William Zorn

William Zorn

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