British Columbia has long been known for producing some of the highest quality, most sought-after cannabis in the entire world. A number of growers have set up their operations in the Okanagan valley – an area known for wineries, fruit orchards and craft cannabis. One craft-producer in the area has been cultivating the flower behind your favourite brands for years and is now launching their own brand across the country. 

Lotus Cannabis Launch

Lotus Cannabis Co, a premium-craft cannabis brand in Canada, has officially launched their own branded flower into British Columbia for the very first time. The company was founded in 2014 and has commercially grown a number of genetics for several well-known brands including Kolab Project and Pistol & Paris. Lotus is now introducing Keylime Kush, a potent and flavourful Indica-dominant hybrid, under their own namesake brand. This launch builds on the company’s reputation for bringing first-to-market and sought-after genetics into the legal market. Keylime Kush 3.5g jars are currently available for BC retailers to purchase through the BC Cannabis Wholesale website. 

The brand name ‘Lotus’ comes from the company’s head grower’s affinity for strains that have the word “lotus” in their genetics, including Snow Lotus and Tranquil Elephantizer. The company’s iconography features a deep royal blue with golden accents. Lotus is a modern, flower-forward brand featuring product-focused imagery throughout their digital presence.

Keylime Kush

Lotus chose their signature strain, Keylime Kush, to be the first cultivar to hit the market under their own namesake brand. Keylime Kush is an Indica-dominant cross of Key Lime Mints x Kush Mints #11. This cultivar’s powerful terpene profile includes farnesene, limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool which creates flavours and aromas of lime kush and green apple with notes of cookies and gas.

We wanted to continue our tradition of bringing dank and gassy first-to-market genetics into the legal space in Canada which the Keylime does. Keylime was first proven outside of the facility during the medical regime growing days. The Keylime checked most of the boxes our growers use to qualify as fire (aroma, taste, clean burn, resin oil ring, bud structure, stickiness, trichome density, effects)”

Carl Correia, Chief Operating Officer at Lotus

Lotus sold out its first round of the Keylime Kush on the BC Cannabis website which has now been restocked for retailers and consumers as of Thursday. For more information on the product, watch this detailed strain video of Lotus’ Keylime Kush cultivar, filmed and produced by the group at Sessions Highlife.

Lotus Cannabis x Kolab Project / Pistol & Paris

This launch under Lotus Cannabis is a long-time coming as these legacy Okanagan growers have been cultivating even prior to 2014. The company has produced the strain Black Blossom for Pistol & Paris, which is currently listed in British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba. Lotus has also cultivated several strains for Kolab Project (Auxly’s top recreational brand), with Kalifornia and Tranquil Elephantizer listed in Ontario.

Transitioning from B2B to B2C

Lotus originally began as a B2B provider, supplying some of Canada’s top recreational names. Now, they are exploring the challenges and benefits of transitioning to their own B2C branded product.

We decided to launch our own consumer brand so we can make sure every product we put out is to the Lotus standard of quality we strive for each harvest. We received solid sales results as a wholesale company having our product sold in every province so we thought now would be a great opportunity to build out our own brand now that people have had a chance to try our flower.

Daniel McRobert, Sales & Marketing Manager at Lotus

B2B wholesale was great for Lotus as a young company starting out. However, there was a disconnect with consumers as they could not publicly share that they were growing the gear behind some of the top brands in the country. The company understands branding is important which is why they are evolving into their own recreational entity. 

The Lotus team are all heavy smokers and passionate about the product they bring to market. They do not put out flower they wouldn’t smoke themselves. Their team is striving to set a new standard of what premium quality flower can be at affordable prices, which is what they are doing with their first launch, Keylime Kush.

Lotus team

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