Crop Circle Cannabis, a craft cannabis producer based in Alberta, is proud to announce its entrance into the Canadian cannabis market through a strategic partnership with Freedom Cannabis Inc. Together, they are launching The Goo!, a new brand featuring the flagship product, Brain Fruit. This product release, scheduled for Summer 2024, marks a milestone for Crop Circle Cannabis as it embarks on its mission to elevate the quality of solventless products in the Canadian market.

Freedom is all about elevating Alberta's cannabis producers to achieve their full potential. Crop Circle has impressed us with their exceptional product quality, a rarity in the solventless extraction space. We're proud to collaborate on their quest for greatness, and we believe their solventless product is the best in Alberta.

Nathaniel Garneau, Head of Corporate Development at Freedom Cannabis Inc.

Brain Fruit

Brain Fruit is a major milestone for their new company as it will be Crop Circle Cannabis’ first entry into the Canadian market. Brain Fruit is a new cerebral and fruity live rosin that is rich in natural terpenes and flavors. 

A Cerebral and Fruity Live Rosin Experience:

  • 100% craft solventless live rosin
  • No additives or flavorings
  • Fresh-frozen inputs selected for flavor and characteristics
  • Heady, fruit-forward experience    
  • Cold-cured & whipped for an ideal texture
  • Priced for mainstream consumers
The Goo Brain Fruit

5 Steps to Get the Goo

The product is crafted with a 5 step process. This strategic process helps achieve the perfect consistency and flavor.

  1. Sourcing the right flower
  2. Ice Water Extraction
  3. Freeze-drying
  4. Low-temperature pressing 
  5. Cold Curing

The process is 100% solvent-less and has zero additives and flavouring.

The Goo 5 Steps

Crop Circle Cannabis

Founded in 2022, Crop Circle Cannabis specializes in the production of high-quality, solventless cannabis extracts. Operating out of its purpose-built facility in Alberta, the company is committed to innovation, sustainability, and the production of exceptional cannabis products. Crop Circle is dedicated to making top-tier solventless extracts affordable and accessible, ensuring that quality is never compromised.

I believe that the quality of our cannabis can truly increase the quality of our lives. Crop Circle and Brain Fruit are the culmination of passion, dedication, and the desire to deliver a superior experience.

Aaron Buchholtz, President and Founder of Crop Circle Cannabis

Hot Goo Summer

Launching this summer through the medical channel with Mendo Cannabis, and in the recreational market in Alberta with plans to expand nationally in the fall, Brain Fruit will be offered in one-gram packages, competitively priced to make premium rosin accessible to a wider audience. The launch will be accompanied by a robust marketing campaign, including educational efforts targeting both retailers and consumers to emphasize the unique benefits of solventless rosin.

Camrawn Cox

Camrawn Cox

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