Flag Trading Co. is the new kid on the block in the Ontario concentrates category, but it’s got more of a “cool uncle” vibe, offering premium hash in a conveniently scored coin format (and branded so that you don’t lose it among the rest of your hash stash).

Flag’s first offering is a 1g Garlic Kush pressed bubble hash coin that comes in at a whopping 53.8% THC, with dominant terpenes of beta-Caryophyllene (pepper and clove), alpha-Humulene (earth and spice) and alpha-Bisabolol (floral and sweet).

We chatted with Edan Wolk, one of the founders of Flag Trading Co., the Head of Branding at The Cannabis Manufacturer’s Guild, & Co-Founder of CMGAgency, to get his thoughts on the industry and the benefits of being an independent brand.

It isn’t enough to just show up to the party and expect that people are going to want to talk to you. Being real is so important because if you want authentic connection and loyalty, you can’t BS people. There is so much peacocking in the industry, it’s exhausting. Companies are afraid to be transparent and vulnerable with their customers, even though those customers just want connection – now more than ever.

Edan Wolk, Creative Director at CMG Agency
Flag Trading Co

Hash increasing in popularity

Hash, among the other products in the concentrates category, has doubled in sales over the past year. As Canadian cannabis consumers continue to become more educated and try different products, the market for concentrates like hash will keep growing. Some of the reasons consumers are choosing Flag Trading Co. concentrates over other products:

  • Solventless – zero chemicals have been used for extraction; only ice, water, and pressure, making the highest quality cannabis concentrate.
  • Consistent User Experience – their 1g hash coins will always be greater than 50% THC, scored for easy consumption, and branded so that there is no confusion once taken out of its packaging.
  • History – throwback, nostalgia, global exploration. 
  • Single Strain Full Spectrum – creates a truly authentic consumption experience where their hash is fully representative of the original premium genetics.

Unlike other concentrate products on the market, a full spectrum product contains a variety of different cannabinoids and terpenes, exactly representing the original strain and flower product that consumers know and love; as opposed to other mono-cannabinoid/terpene concentrates or distillate. Your starting materials are key to the final product being produced, and Flag makes no compromises in this regard. Flag Trading Co. consumers can always expect a consistent, premium user experience authentic to the flower and hashishans that have perfected their art.

Flag Hash Coins

Consumers choosing hash over other concentrates

Hash was, for a whole generation, often the first experience many people had with cannabis. It’s nostalgic and appeals to the educated consumer while still welcoming curious newcomers into the concentrates category. Similar to wine & spirits, hash has the ability to transport you all around the world. You’ve got traditional Indian Charas, Afghani Black Hash, Nepalese Temple Balls, all the way to the bricks you’ll find lining the market in Pusher Street, Christiania. All with unique production and cultivation methods to their region and climate.

Flag Trading Co.’s bubble hash is made the old-school way through ice-water extraction. The flower is submerged in an ice-water bath, then gently agitated. This allows the aroma and flavour to be locked in when sifting the trichomes through a 72-micron screen. The coins are then pressed at 3000psi, ensuring that no terpenes or trichomes are lost by way of any unwanted heat. The back of the coin is scored with an “X”, giving you a more consistent and predictable user experience. Each coin is then individually vacuum-sealed and packaged.

The pressing process is extremely important, as it locks in all of the delicate trichomes and terpenes. Our production team spent weeks hand-tooling our metal presses, making them the perfect size-to-depth ratio in order not to compromise the quality of the product; as a result, our Garlic Kush coins now break up like a soft, spicy cookie, that’s just as fresh as when it first hit the press.

Flag Hash Press

Bullish on hashish

The people behind Flag Trading Co. have been getting a lot of stellar news since launching just over a week ago.  News like becoming the best-selling hash product in its category. Does this mean that the market is shifting, yearning for more of the micro-producing underdogs? We think so.

We’re a small group, and know we can’t do everything ourselves - let alone be the best at it. That’s why we look to partner strategically with good people who excel at what they do, and create something amazing together. Being small means there is a lot of accountability. We don’t put our names on something we aren’t proud of. Any feedback we get, we look at it and decide how to incorporate it. When your whole team shares these values, it really helps to set yourself up for success. Consumers aren’t stupid. They can see that, too.

So far Flag Trading Co. has been making waves in the concentrates category, and we can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves for future releases. 

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