For the longest time, the only way to get a 19+ age-gate on your Instagram profile as a cannabis company in Canada was to either have a connection at Facebook or at an agency with a connection. Thanks to a new Instagram update, it’s now possible for cannabis companies to set up an age-gate for their Instagram page.

How To Set An Age Limit On Your Instagram Profile

  1. Go to your profile and tap the three bar button to expand the navigation.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Select Business or Creator depending on your profile type.
  4. Tap Minimum Age.
  5. You can add a minimum age that will be applied universally. Alternatively, you can add ages by country.

Why It Is Important To Age-Gate

Health Canada’s marketing regulations set out in The Cannabis Act require that promotional activities only occur in age-gated environments.

The promotions read:

“Subsection 17(2) of Cannabis Act provides that, subject to the regulations, a person that is authorized to produce, sell or distribute cannabis may promote cannabis by means of informational promotion or brand-preference promotion if the promotion is:

in a communication that is addressed and sent to an individual who is 18 years of age or older and is identified by name; in a place where young persons are not permitted by law; communicated by means of a telecommunication; where the person responsible for the content of the promotion has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the promotion cannot be accessed by a young person” 

For cannabis companies, an age-gated Instagram profile allows you to argue that you have taken reasonable steps to ensure that your Instagram content cannot be accessed by a young person. 

Instagram Restricted Profile

Instagram Update

Like other Instagram updates, they are rolled out for different people at different times. If you are attempting to age gate a company profile and do not see the update, try signing into the profile using a co-workers phone. 

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