Modern Day Cannabis, a pioneering cannabis retail chain, has rapidly expanded from its humble beginnings in Canada to venture into the bustling markets of the United States. Founded by Avi Grondin and Rahul Saggu, two passionate entrepreneurs in their late 20s, the brand has swiftly become synonymous with quality products, community engagement, and environmental stewardship.

With over 13 locations collectively across various retail brands in North America and another 9 locations on the horizon, Modern Day Cannabis stands out not only for its exceptional product offerings but also for its commitment to environmental sustainability. Every purchase made at Modern Day Cannabis contributes to the planting of a tree, aligning with the brand’s motto: “You Buy Trees, We Plant Trees.”

Modern Day Cannabis Store

Founding Story and Expansion Strategy

Avi Grondin and Rahul Saggu, both longtime cannabis enthusiasts, recognized the potential of the industry to make a positive impact. Combining their entrepreneurial spirit and shared passion for cannabis, they embarked on a journey to create their first local store. Inspired by the success of their tree-planting initiative and fueled by requests from eager partners, they began strategically expanding their retail footprint.

Their vision extends beyond mere retail expansion; Modern Day Cannabis aims to become fully integrated into the cannabis space, both horizontally and vertically. With plans to introduce their own product line in the near future, these two entrepreneurs have built themselves from the ground up and are poised to shake up the industry.

Modern Day Cannabis Founders

Photo from Yahoo Finance – Avi Grondin (left) and Rahul Saggu (right)

Venturing into the American Market

Breaking the conventional trend of American cannabis brands expanding into Canada and other markets, Canadian-born Modern Day Cannabis has set its sights on opening shops in the United States. With several stores being developed in strategic locations including Times Square NYC, Westchester NYC, Upstate NY, Paterson NJ, Haledon NJ, Minnesota, Ohio, and Maryland, the brand is well-positioned for a successful expansion into the American market. 

Grondin and Saggu attribute their confidence in this expansion to several factors. The sheer size of the US population in comparison to Canada presents vast opportunities for growth, while the comparatively lower number of licenses issued in the US market reduces overall competition. Moreover, favourable cannabis regulatory frameworks in the United States set the stage for retail operations to more easily thrive, further cementing Modern Day’s potential for success.

Future Endeavors and Sustainability Initiatives

As Modern Day Cannabis continues its expansion, the brand remains committed to its core values of sustainability and community engagement. Plans to launch an in-house brand known as Heaven’s Bush, a curated product line featuring select strains, across all their retail locations signifies the company’s evolution and commitment to quality.

Beyond product expansion, Modern Day Cannabis has ambitious environmental goals, aiming to plant over 1 million trees and launch an ocean-cleaning initiative. These initiatives not only align with the brand’s ethos but also resonate with environmentally conscious consumers, further strengthening its market position and value proposition.

Marketing Strategy and Brand Experience

Modern Day Cannabis prioritizes a seamless brand experience across various touchpoints, from its engaging social media presence to its meticulously designed in-store environments. The brand’s website serves as a hub for information and online shopping, reflecting its commitment to accessibility and convenience.

In-store design elements, such as beautiful wainscotting and cohesive aesthetics, enhance the overall customer experience, creating an inviting atmosphere for patrons. Additionally, the brand’s marketing campaigns leverage digital channels, SEO strategies, and captivating graphics to drive engagement and foster brand loyalty.

Modern Day Cannabis Decoration

From Local Roots to International Acclaim

Modern Day Cannabis’s journey from a local retailer to an international player underscores its unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community impact. With two visionary founders, a strategic expansion plan, a focus on quality products, and a dedication to environmental stewardship – the brand is prepared to leave a lasting imprint on the cannabis industry on both sides of the border. As Modern Day Cannabis continues to grow, its legacy as a trailblazer in the cannabis space is set to flourish, inspiring consumers and industry peers alike.

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