With stores reopening their doors to the public and trade shows popping up across the country, it’s a critical time for brands to connect to their clients and potential partners. Outdated business cards get lost in wallets, potentially leaving your brand to get lost in the shuffle. 

Branded merchandise is an amazing tool being utilized across the industry to stand out from competitors and engage the budtending, and by extension, the larger cannabis community. While not essential to opening your doors, here are just a few short reasons why branded merchandise should be your next priority.

A Walking, Compliant Ad

Often, retailers come to us looking for ways to get their brand into the eyes of consumers while also maintaining compliance in the ever-evolving marketplace. While grnhouse offers a variety of services to do just that, merchandise expands your reach beyond the initial scope. If you add on a branded piece of clothing, either as a gift or purchase, not only will it be top of the client’s mind while getting dressed & throughout the day, but everyone they come into contact with as well! Often, clients who receive a “Surprise & Delight” will rave online and show off their newest piece of swag, and by extension, your store! The more unique the offering, the better chance your item may just go viral.

Furthermore, these pieces of merchandise can be featured on your social media pages without the inherent risk the majority of a store’s selection brings! Either promoting the piece directly or featuring your budtenders have a ball in/with is an excellent way to stoke interest online.

Superette Branded Merchandise

Superette branded lighters

Easy Add-Ons

One of the best indicators of a store’s success is its metrics; especially Average Basket Size. Most stores feature quick “grab-n-go” items such as rolling papers, grinders, storage, and lighters by the cash in order to remind and entice clients into purchasing their accessories.

From something as small as a rolling tray to something bigger like a bong, more accessories offer more opportunities for your staff to connect with clients over an item that will find its way into their basket. Through having and displaying branded merchandise, not only are you reaffirming the store’s identity, but also offering the opportunity to build their basket with a reminder of your store’s excellent service and selection, every time they’re about to spark up.

Brand Identity Done Better

While dynamic displays, social channels, and your store’s design will help establish the brand identity, adding merchandise to reflect is an extremely impactful tool. If your store is bright and warm, a colorful sweater or branded snuggie is an amazing way to demonstrate those elements. Elegant and elevated; why not show this with lux sleep masks or even delicate yet durable storage? No matter what the vibe of your location is, you can use merchandise to cement the brand image in clients’ minds.

Tokyo Smoke Branded Merchandise

Tokyo Smoke branded packaging

Revenue Stream

While branded merchandise is an amazing tool for building brands and baskets, there is also the most obvious benefit: another revenue stream for your store. Stylish sweaters, packs of papers, and any unique offering that catches the attention and imagination of everyone in your store give opportunities to not only add to sales but to start them.

Do You Have Winter Swag?

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to create your own branded merchandise, we’ve shared some examples of brands that have done a good job launching their own lines of branded merchandise and products.

Last Updated on December 8, 2021 by ADCANN

William Zorn

William Zorn

Certified Cannabis Sommelier & Twitch Affiliate; William is currently an expert in digital cannabis marketing.