House of Dank is ADCANN’s Independent Retail Brand of the Year, again!

Trailblazing cannabis retailer, House of Dank (“H.O.D.”), is celebrating their second award for ADCANNs Independent Retail Brand of the Year. This prestigious honor was earned through the hardwork and dedication of the creative marketing and advertising team at H.O.D.  Leveraging clever campaigns, quality services, product placement,  and licensed, sanctioned, and popular cannabis events, H.O.D. has created a brand and a following that is recognized nationwide. From humble beginnings as Caregivers in 2015 to the domination of the medical market, H.O.D. blossomed into a recognizable recreational brand.  In 2024, H.O.D. has plans to add three new locations to the nine currently operating locations across the Mitten State.  H.O.D.’s exponential growth and success is attributed to their brand recognition, retail success, and popular cannabis events.

This award demonstrates how House of Dank has established a lasting impact, both in Michigan and nationwide, as a leading cannabis retail company. H.O.D. provides consumers a variety of national brands including Breeze Canna, and local brands Pressure Pack, and North Coast. H.O.D.’s recognizable lifestyle branded clothing and merchandise is popular among customers and employees. H.O.D. also offers a line of unique CBD products. H.O.D. is well known for their rewards program, Clubhouse Rewards, which include rewards for first-time customers, customer referrals, birthdays, holidays, and other exclusive offers. Points awarded for each transaction can be redeemed for future discounts.

House of Dank

House of Dank Hustles Harder

House of Dank is a Michigan Company, born in Detroit driven to make cannabis accessible for those seeking an elevated lifestyle. The AdCann’s Independent Retailer of the Year award is a testament to the unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, hard-work, hustle, and customer satisfaction in the dynamic landscape of the cannabis industry.

At the core of House of Dank’s philosophy is an unwavering commitment to quality assurance. Every product selected for the shelves undergoes meticulous testing for potency, purity, and safety. H.O.D.’s dedication to customer service and product quality ensures consumer satisfaction.

H.O.D.’s knowledgeable and friendly staff play a pivotal role in creating a unique shopping experience.  H.O.D. employees are passionate cannabis advocates ready to guide customers on their journey. From recommending the latest strains, assisting with product selections, or providing valuable insights into the world of cannabis, employees go the extra mile for their customers.

The H.O.D. Experience

Collaboration and innovation are at the heart of H.O.D.’s success. H.O.D. retail spaces are designed as immersive spaces that invite customers to explore and discover the richness and diversity of cannabis. With cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrated, H.O.D. creates a convenient and engaging cannabis shopping experience. In addition to the in-store retail experience, H.O.D. offers delivery, pick-up, and curbside options. No matter how you visit or where you visit, H.O.D.’s commitment to customer service and product availability is unparalleled.

House of Dank is a proud member of the CRA’s Social Equity All Star program. H.O.D actively works with the community and hires locally. Through outreach programs, educational workshops, and collaborations with local charities, H.O.D. makes a positive impact throughout Michigan. Additionally, H.O.D. collaborates with local growers, producers, and industry organizations, to play a crucial role in fostering a sustainable and responsible cannabis ecosystem.

Being awarded the ADCANN Independent Retailer of the Year award in 2023 and 2021 has reinforced H.O.D. dedication to excellence. H.O.D. is committed to reshaping perceptions, setting new standards, and contributing meaningfully to the positive evolution of the cannabis industry. H.O.D. will continue to blaze the way to a future where quality, innovation, and community converge to redefine the cannabis retail experience.

House of Dank experience

About House of Dank

House of Dank Medical & Recreational Cannabis is dedicated to providing world-class cannabis products. As a leading cannabis retailer in Michigan, House of Dank features a wide selection of flower, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, CBD, tinctures, topicals, merch, and more. The talented in-house team has vast knowledge of the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis and work to ensure every consumer is receiving the perfect product. When you choose House of Dank you can expect industry-leading care, expertly crafted products and unmatched guest servicing. For more information, visit or follow the company on Instagram and Facebook.



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