Hall of Flowers, The Preeminent Cannabis Industry B2B Trade Show, returned to Toronto for its second year in Canada. The 2023 installment was hosted at the Enercare Centre in Ontario’s capital and drew thousands of attendees including budtenders, retail store owners, growers, brand managers and other industry participants together.

Hall of Flowers originated in California and has grown to be a worldwide respected exposition and networking event. In association with Vetrina Group, the show first came to Canada in 2022 an industry-only, highly-curated, business-to-business trade show designed to forge and strengthen the relationships between cannabis brands and retailers. Following this success, the brand launched with an even bigger and better expo for 2023.

Just like its American counterpart, the Canadian version of Hall of Flowers encourages cannabis consumption at the venue. Unlike the American version, however, sales are not permitted at the Canadian event – but free sampling is. Budtenders and store owners traveled from all over the country for this B2B event to meet the top brands and sample their existing and new products. If you worked in retail and wanted to be in-the-know on the newest and freshest product releases, Hall of Flowers was the place to be.

Hall of Flowers Toronto 2023

Engaging Cannabis Brand Booths

Some of the most prominent booths included Motif Lab’s BOXHOT – which featured an old school hot rod vehicle fully decaled and branded with numerous other nostalgic elements to match. Aurora Cannabis launched a new entity at the show, TASTY’S – a “bold new brand that promises cannabis products that taste ridiculously good”. PAX Labs was offering free vape engravings with their signature engraving machine. Papa’s Herb and Ambr Cannabis had stunning booths that offered attendees a chance to try their vape products utilizing Zenco glass technology. Collective Project, a premiere cannabis beverage brand, was making slushies drinks for attendees inside the venue.

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), the provincial distributor and retailer, supported the event by having a large interactive booth and space dedicated for conversations between industry participants. It is positive that government representatives and agencies choose to support independent events such as Hall of Flowers that bring the industry together and support evolution, innovation and collaboration.

As a media partner, ADCANN had a noticeable presence at the show with our team attending and supporting the grnhouse agency booth, which featured a “spin-to-win” wheel that allowed attendees to sample one of their client’s products, with a selection of samples from Phant, High Quadz, MSIKU, and Freedom Cannabis.

The “backyard” area served as a consumption zone with free beverages, ample picnic tables and beanbag seating so attendees could sit back, smoke one and stay hydrated.

We’ve witnessed this type of space's impact in highlighting community and developing positive business partnerships. Hall of Flowers Toronto features similar outdoor spaces for brands and retailers to share product experiences.

Dani Diamond, CEO of Hall of Flowers

If you haven’t already attended a Hall of Flowers event, we suggest making the trip for 2024. You can learn more about Hall of Flowers Toronto show by visiting https://www.hallofflowers.com/toronto

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