Hall of Flowers, the prominent US B2B cannabis convention, headed north of the border September 13th-14th to Toronto’s Enercare Center. Having made a name for themselves in California & Nevada, the excitement during the first day, for buyers only, was palpable. From wall to wall unique activations were set up for Canadian LPs and auxiliary brands, treating cannabis retail store buyers to swag and samples galore.

Hall of Flowers

Attendees were greeted by two familiar faces, as Cheech & Chong® Glass was displaying their full line of heady glass as well as the Auxly booth, featuring brands such as Foray and Kolab Project.

As you made your way further into the hall, the activations continued to wow. Canopy Growth’s mini-putt course showed off all their brands while rewarding the best golfers. After hitting the green, convention goers could quench their thirst with a Collective Project beverage, as they were giving out un-infused samples of their newest SKU.

The excitement continued outside, as BZAM created a miniature park for attendees to explore products within. The seats were packed as convention goers took the opportunity to test out the samples they had been given inside the Enercare Center’s halls.


Hall of Flowers demonstrates that B2B doesn’t need to be a boring, suit-clad affair. Hall of Flowers blended the important elements of an industry event with the culture of Canadian cannabis beautifully.

For more details on the next Hall of Flowers, check out their website.

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